The USAFA iGEM team practiced safety during the planning and experimentation stages of the iGEM competition. The team selected carrier and test organisms that did not present a health risk in the event that they escaped the lab or contaminated a team member. The DH5-Alpha strain of E. coli, the W-303 S288-C strains of S. cerevisiae, and the P37005 strain of C. albicans did not present a threat to healthy individuals as these organisms were all a bio-safety level of 1. During the creation and testing of our vectors, the team ensured that they did not endow any organisms with vectors that would allow them to cause disease. The team prepared to work in the lab with safety and security training. In safety training, the team was taught how to use safety equipment and avoid contamination. This included learning the layout of safety showers and how to properly dispose of hazardous material. Additionally, team members were well instructed on how to safely handle hazardous chemicals and glassware to prevent injury. During security training, the team learned how to keep sensitive information secure across government networks.