Part Name Part Number Part Description Part Length
WOR1 Regulatory Protein Binding Sequence BBa_K2732000 This part is a protein binding sequence cloned from the 5' UTR of the WOR1 gene found in Candida albicans. The proteins that bind to this sequence regulate the expression of the WOR1 gene so we expect this sequence to disrupt the expression of WOR1 ; however, the activity of this sequence has not been characterized in Candida albicans yet. The WOR1 gene is the master phenotypic regulator in Candida albicans . The expression of WOR1 drives Candida albicans to the opaque phenotype which is tied to its pathogenicity, in most reported cases. 2003
Yeast Plasmid pYTK-AFA18 BBa_K2732001 Yeast Plasmid pYTK-AFA18 This plasmid consists of 8 individual parts described below it can be used in both E. coli and S. cerevisiae : 1) Assembly connector; ConLS - cloning location EcoR1 and Xba1 cut sites 2) Promoter; pTDH3; yeast promoter 3) Coding Sequence; mRUBY2; reporter 4) Terminator; tTDH1 - transcriptional terminator 5) Assembly connector; ConR1 - cloning site containing Spe1 and Pst1 6) S. cerevisiae marker; LEU2 (contains promoter, CDS, and terminator) 7) S. cerevisiae origin; CEN6/ARS4 8) E. coli marker and origin; AmpR-ColE1 6327