Team:USMA-West Point/Attributions

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Dr. Alex Mitropoulos

Dr. Mitropoulos has served as a crucial mentor to the team throughout the research process. Even after leaving USMA, he still remains active in the team’s activities, and will always be the backbone of the lab. He has gone above and beyond in teaching and developing the cadets of the team. Without him as a teacher and a mentor, the team would not have experienced the success that we have.


Dr. J. Ken Wickiser

Dr. Wickiser is the key component in the team’s iGEM involvement. Because of him, we have the opportunity to communicate our work on an international scale. He cares about the team immensely, and we owe him dividends for all he has done.


Dr. John Cave

Dr. Cave has truly immersed himself into eNOSE and iGEM since coming to the Academy last year. He is the reason why the team understands the complex science behind eNOSE and the bioengineering inherent in it. Every moment spent with Dr. Cave is a moment spent learning a new scientific principle. He has made the entire experience quite enjoyable, and we thank him for that.


Office of Naval Research

We would like to thank the Office of Naval Research for their support in funding the eNOSE project. We are very grateful for their assistance and support.


COL David Barnes

We thank COL Barnes for his assistance with helping us understand the ethical implications of our project. Because of him, we were able to fulfill the Human Practices requirement.