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Summary of Interlab Work

Control samples of LUDOX CL-X with 45% colloidal silica suspension and serial dilution of silica microbead suspensions were measured at 600 nm. Fluorescent standards were completed by serial dilution with fluorescein with excitation 485 nm and emission 525 nm. Transformed cell lines (BBa-R0040, BBa_I20270, BBa_J364000, BBa_J364001, BBa_J364002, BBa_J364007, BBa_J364008, and BBa_J364009) were inoculated from two different colonies in competent E. coli DH5-alpha cells (cultured at 37 C for 18 hours, 220 rpm) and diluted to Abs600 = 0.02. Samples were collected at 0 hrs and 6 hrs culture time points. Finally, the number of colony forming units (CFUs) were measured by counting individual colonies at 8 x 10-3, 8 x 10-4, and 8 x 10-5 for each transformed cell line. All data was recorded in iGEM Excel spreadsheet.