Team Management

Team Recruitment

Yijing Gong (advisor), Zixin Rong (advisor), Haohui Fang (leader)

Skills Training

Haohui Fang, Zixin Rong, Yijing Gong

Team Manager

Haohui Fang


Idea Formulation

Haoping Cheng, Shiyu Liu, Miaoyan Li formulated the initial project idea. Haohui Fang involved in the later experiment design and project improvements.

Wet Experiments

The majority of our members contribute to wet experiments. The main members in each group are listed below:

1. Gene synthesis from oligos: Sihong Yu, Yuxuan Wu, Hanpu Wang, Di zhen
2. Plasmid construction: Peng Chai, Haoping Chen, Sihong Yu, Yuxuan Wu, Di zhen, Haohui Fang, Boya Chen, Miaoyan.Li, Shiyu Liu
3. Mammalian cell experiment: Haohui Fang, Peng Chai, Haoping Chen, Yuxuan Wu, Shiyu Liu, Boya Chen, Liuhua Chen
4. Interlab: Junliang Lin

Orders and Contracts Manager

Shiyu Liu & Haohui Fang


Exosome production and Blood circulation model: Hanfu Shi, Mian Wu, Qinyu Ni Delivery through BBB and expression in neuron models: Hanfu Shi

Wiki Page

1. Programmer: Zeyu Yang, Mian Wu
2. Layout: Mian Wu, Zeyu Yang, Shiyu Liu, Haohui Fang
3. Art design: Shiyu Liu, Qinyu Ni, Zeyu Yang, Mian Wu, Boya Chen, Xiaohan, Zhang
4. Writings: Miaoyan Li, Haohui Fang, Xiaohan Zhang, Mian Wu, Yuxuan Wu, Peng Chai, Di Zhen, Haoping Cheng
5. Part registry: Miaoyan Li, Haohui Fang, Shiyu Liu, Haoping Cheng, Peng Chai

Human Practices

1. Manager: Xiaohan Zhang
2. Participants: Haohui Fang, Peng Chai, Liuhua Chen, Boya Chen

Finance and Accessory

Haohui Fang, Boya Chen

Posters and Art Design

Shiyu Liu, Qinyu Ni, Mian Wu, Boya Chen.

Sincere and special thanks to venerable back-ups

Primary PI

Dr. Guoxia Han gave us alerting suggestion on scientific research and made his best to ensure us go ahead bravely. He also spent effort in quality control for every work we did. He would also accompany us to the giant jamboree and take care of us in the U.S.

Dr. David Chiu first prepared extra classes to help us understand more about synthetic biology techniques and lab safety. He gave us constant advice and knowledge in project determination and data analyses. Moreover, lots of project logic lines and explanations were examined by him.

Secondary PI

Prof. Dechang Xu supported us by listening to all our concerns and encouraging us to find solutions. He also advised us on our modelling strategies and helped us to establish connections with many of our sponsors and collaborators both inside and outside school.


Mr. Yunpeng Zhong offered additional training in gene syntheses for the junior members in winter. During project decisions, he provided an idea and came up a lot of advice regarding an iGEM project. Besides, he also sponsored oligos for gene synthesis.

University Technicians

Mr. Zhongkai Huang and Ms. Sijing Meng supervised us in the lab all along. They spent huge efforts in lab materials preparation which rid much inconvenience of us.

Professors From Other Departments

Dr. Jia Meng supported a fund for our project running.

External supports


1. Snapgene sponsored 10 software licenses
2. New England Biolabs Sponsored us NEBuider reagent and T4 DNA ligase for our constructions
3. Genequantum sponsored us with free oligonucleotides and some of sequencing work
4. Synbio Technologies offered discount prizes for gene syntheses, cloning and sequencing services


1. Prof. Guangyin Xu, Vice director of Institute of Neuroscience at Soochow University; Executive director of The Chinese Neuroscience Society.
2. Dr. MingYan Wang, Director of Centre for Neuroscience jointly founded by Wang Wenli Charitable Foundation and XJTLU. She generously provided us with DAPI staining dye.
3. Dr. Jian Liu, Associate professor of Department of Biological Sciences, XJTLU. She conferred us N2a cell line for our experiment.
4. Dr. Guangyu Tian from Hospital in Zhangdian Hospital of Chinese Medicine
5. Prof. Wei Peng, offered discount prizes for gene syntheses, cloning and sequencing services
6. Dr. Xianglei Meng, Deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Zikuang hospital in Zi Chuan
7. Mr. Yaodong Pan, Director of Health Education Center; Director of Suzhou Center for Diseases Control and Prevention
8. Prof. Yueqin Tang, from The College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University
9. Dr. Ziyuan Xia, from The College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University
10. Dr. Tianma Yuan, from Department of Biological Sciences, XJTLU

Other Teams

NJU-China team supported us in exosome quantification by Pierce BCA Protein Assay and Nanoparticle Tracking Assay. Additionally they provided us 1ml Dil dye for our neuron targeting experiment for free.
NAU-China team helped us in modeling at the early team developmental stage.
LZU team supported us a plasmid construct.
Jiangnan iGEM team help us in some art design of human practice webpage

Special thanks to the ones who helped us in Human Practices

Dr. Xiaojun Zhang, Ms. Mengjiao Peng, Ms. Ting Guan, Ms. Jia Guo, Mr. Shuo Wang from institute of Leadership and Educational Development (iLEAD), XJTLU.
Dr. Bo Wu, Department of Public Health and Environment Science.
Prof. Yingbin Sun, Prof Bing Liu, Prof Ying Niu and Ms Jing Wang from Zibo Normal College.
Mr. Jiqiang Yue, Suzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Collaborators and Supporters


Rm 363, Science Building

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

111 Ren'ai Road, Suzhou, China




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