Wet Lab Environment

We have two working places in the Science Building of XJTLU-CHINA. One is called the Teaching Lab which is classified as ML-1 lab, the lowest safety level to work with genetically engineered microorganisms. In this lab, we did all the molecular manipulation which does not involve low or no risks. This level is sufficient for cloning (Gibson assemblies and restriction-ligation), PCR and DNA transformation. Another one is called the Research Lab. It is classified as an ML-2 lab, the place where we manipulate our mammalian cell culture experiments. The Department of Biological Science has established rules that undergraduate students are not allowed to enter in the Research Lab without the supervision of professors or technicians. Hence, Professor David Sung-Kay Chiu supervised us when we did experiments in the research lab.

Lab Training

All of our team members have received laboratory training sessions given by our second PI, lab technician and the university biosafety officer. In these sessions, lab rules, responsible persons, biosafety equipment as well as other biosafety rules were covered. After the training, all the members have to take a small quiz are about the safety rules of laboratory. Only those students who passed the quiz can be allowed to enter the laboratory.

Collaborators and Supporters


Rm 363, Science Building

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

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