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Composite Parts

Part Number Part Name Function Length Designer
BBa_K2619100 Exosome marker CD63 is fused with nluc to the measure the quantity of exosome by luminescence signal shown by nluc. 1241bp Haoping Cheng
BBa_K2619101 Packaging device (L7Ae) L7Ae is linked to the C-terminus of CD63 to package mRNA with C/D box during the formation of exosomes. 1113bp Haohui Fang
BBa_K2619102 Packaging device (MS2) MS2 can be fused with exosome-associated proteins CD63 to package mRNA with 3 loops during the formation of exosome.
BBa_K2619103 Booster The tricistronic STEAP3-SDC4-NadB construct at a 1:1:1 ratio by which exosome secretion is supposed to enhanced by 15-fold to 40-fold in yield 2682bp Shiyu Liu
BBa_K2619104 mRNA modification (nluc-C/D box-VEEV) C/D box-VEEV can be added to 3'-UTR region of actively loading RNA to bind to RNA binding domain of packaging device with L7Ae and stablize mRNA. Nluc was added as reporter gene. 1016bp Shiyu Liu
BBa_K2619105 mRNA modification (nluc-3 loop-VEEV) C/D box contains the structure of k-loop RNA motif which can be recognized by L7Ae. By engineering it at the 3'-UTR of cargo mRNA, CD63-L7Ae can load that RNA into exosome. 72bp Peng Chai
BBa_K2619006 3 loop 3 loop-VEEV can be added to 3'-UTR region to actively load RNA by binding domain of packaging device with MS2.Nluc was added as reporter gene and VEEV is utilized for stablization. 1033bp Shiyu Liu
BBa_K2619108 Modified RVG-Lamp2b GNSTM was added to 5' of RVG to increase the drug-delivery efficiency of this targeting device. 1429bp Haohui Fang
BBa_K2619109 nluc-C/D box This part is used for measure the packaging ability of CD63-L7Ae--exosomal membrane fusion protein by fusing C/D box with reporter gene. 590bp Miaoyan Li
BBa_K2619014 nSMase with Kozak Exosome production boosting device. 1987bp Haohui Fang

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