Team:Edinburgh OG/Attributions







We are tremendously grateful to everyone who has kindly helped and guided us throughout our project. Your time, patience and effort is truly appreciated!


Team Valeris.ED 

  • Cheewin (Big) Kittikunapong : Team Leader, Crowdfunding, Integrated Human Practices Team, in silico modelling of project.

  • Jackson DeKloe : Team Leader, Crowdfunding, Integrated Human Practices Team, InterLab study, Glucose toggle switch development project.

  • Lo Lok In (Owen) : Integrated Human Practices Team, Crowdfunding, Education and Public Engagement, PHA production with Secretion system project, Jamboree trip coordinator.

  • Ivonne Robledo : Integrated Human Practices Team, Spearheaded collaboration with Westminster iGEM team, Life cycle assessment project.

  • Nabila Akhyar : Logo Designer, Integrated Human Practices Team, Wiki Manager, Life cycle assessment project.

  • Ming Zheng : Wiki team, PHA production with bktB gene project.

  • Siqi Wang : Wiki team, Integrated Human Practices Team, PHA production with sucCD gene project.

  • Craig Gilmour : Spearheaded collaboration with Iowa team, PHA production with SBM operon project.

  • Qihui Lian : PHA production with phaR gene-based autoregulation project.

  • Peiyu Lu (Pepper) : Integrated Human Practices Team, PHA operon project.


Supervisors and Advisors

  • Dr Louise Horsfall : Primary Investigator, supervised us on project planning, integrated human practices and academic work, provided her lab after dissertation submission for our project.

  • Holly Robertson-Dick : Secondary Investigator, supervised our iGEM work and advised us on iGEM requirements and fundraising.

  • Dr Annegret Honsbein : helped the team with troubleshooting and provided advice on planning experiments.

  • Dr Heather Barker : supervised our lab work and integrated human practices.

  • Michael McDonald : supervised our lab work.

  • Dr Elise Cachat : advised us on project planning and academic work.

  • Dr David Clarke : provided technical support.


Project Support

  • Dr Filippo Menolascina : coached and advised us on presentation.

  • Dr David Hills and Dr Elena Sugrue : looked after us in the lab.

  • Dr Leonardo Rios Solis : advised us on simulation using SuperPro Designer.

  • Dr Camilla Thomson : advised us on life cycle assessment using SimaPro.

  • Dr Ramon Grima : guided us on dynamic modelling approach.

  • Daniel Xiang, Stanford-Brown iGEM 2015 : provided dynamic approach model adapted in this project.

  • Dr Martin Waterfall, Head of Flow Cytometry, Institute of Immunology & Infection Research: taught us the use of the flow cytometer machine and showed how the work is conducted using flow cytometry measurement for our InterLab study.

  • Edinburgh UG 2018 Team : collaborated with us in the InterLab study.

  • Westminster 2018 Team : collaborated with us in the Life Cycle Assessment.

  • Iowa UG 2018 Team : collaborated with us in the detection of propionyl Co-A using their biosensor.

  • Prof Paul Michels : advised us on metabolic pathway.

  • Dr Louise Horsfall Lab : provided lab space and guidance.

  • William Bothfeld, Northwestern University : provided us with LacI(knock out) MG1655 E. coli, pKDL071 plasmid, pKDL071-TaraF plasmid, and pKDL071-TaraF-phaECAB plasmid

  • Alan Taylor : provided us access to Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometry, and valuable advise and support on the methodology and testings.

  • Alan Isbister, John Hopkins, and Kirsten Affleck : provided access to PCR machines and other equipment including flasks, shaker space, chemicals.

  • Susan Forbes and Vicki Brown : provided access to shaker space and drying oven.

  • Prof Susan Rosser Lab : provided access to chemicals and enzymes as well as shaker space.

  • Dr Tessa Moses : helped with gas chromatography inquiry.

  • Jessica Birt : advised on stoichiometric modelling and provided Benchling introduction.

  • Christine Merrick and James Bryson : helped with the competent cells.

  • Felipe Aguilera Millacura : helped with developing Sudan Black staining as an alternative strategy to confirm the production of PHA.

  • Graham Nicholson and David Sneddon: helped us to buy chemicals and anything we ran out of

  • Margaret Martin and her team : helped to prepare medium and autoclaved flasks.

  • Dr Jane Paget and Dr Hille Tekotte, Edinburgh Genome Foundry : helped with cloning design, plate reader and quantitative measurement of PHA production.

  • Dr David Kelly : provided fluorescent microscopy for Nile red staining test.

  • Ian Eggington and Miguel Cueva : helped with cloning and primers design.

  • Prof Mark Blaxter and Edinburgh Genomics : provided us with ~800 GBP worth of free sequencing.

  • Radhian Ferrel Armansyah : helped with the wiki design.

  • Dr Lorraine Kerr, Commercial Relations Manager : provided information and contacts for Integrated Human Practices.

  • MSc students in Tools of Synthetic Biology class 2017/2018 : provided valuable input that directed the Fermentation design of our project

  • Dr James Hallinan, Business Development Manager Synthetic Biology; Dr James Brown, Principal Scientist; and Dr Steve Thomas, Senior Consultant of Cambridge Consultant : provided information and opinions for the design during an interview.

  • Dr Adrian Higson, Director and Lead Consultant for Biobased Products of The National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC) : provided information and opinions for the feedstock and fermentation design.

  • Morag Garden, Head of Sustainability and Innovation of Scotch Whisky Association : Provided information for the feedstock design and shared documents regarding the use of whisky by-products.

  • Dr Guoqiang Chen, Tsinghua University and BLUEPHA : provided information for further PHBV applications and the opinions on the downstream processing design.

  • Jin Yin, Technique Manager of BLUEPHA: provided information for further PHBV applications and opinions regarding the downstream processing design.

  • Huang Jianfeng, Synthetic Resin Sales Division Manager; Paul Tan, Officer of China Sinopec Guangzhou Branch : provided information for the design of the potential disposal scenarios.

  • Everyone who had generously contributed in our crowdfunding.