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As we all know, iGEM is a team competition. It needs us not only to work in our own team, but also to cooperate with other teams. This year, ZJUT-China has cooperated with Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Normal University, Zhejiang University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in different degrees of all wet experiments, modeling and human practice. In the process of working with other schools, we constantly improved our own project and helped with other teams’ projects.


On April 1, 2018, we came to Beijing Normal University to communicate with BNU-China. We shared experience in project innovation and team management. BNU has given us a lot of valuable advice. In addition, we are actively seeking collaboration on projects. Fortunately, this year's BNU-China’s project wants to achieve a self-enrichment system that replaces traditional antibiotic screening to reduce the use of antibiotics. And our project is working on solving the problem of superbugs. So we found the opportunity to collaborate. In order to make the government and the public aware that biology lab may exacerbate issue on superbug, we have jointly drafted a manifesto calling on the government and the public to pay attention to biosafety issues and improve relevant laws. It is hoped that through our efforts, the current status of bacterial resistance will be changed.


On May 31, 2018, we came to Beijing Institute of Technology to communicate with BIT. During the meet-up, we shared experience in team member selection, team management, modeling, and experimental skills training. This is very helpful for us who have only one-year's experience of iGEM competition. In addition, we have established long-term online contact to discuss issues we encountered during the competition. BIT also gave us a lot help in the process of perfecting our project. In order to improve the performance of our light-controlled system, BIT presented us a plasmid containing BBa_K2305016 after we actively discussed problems with them. We applied this part to our light control system and made a positive attempt to improve our parts/project.

Finally, thanks again for the help of BIT.


On August 19, 2018, we jointly organized the “ShengXi” Science and Technology Festival with Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Science and Technology Association in Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum. Zhejiang University was the organizer. We jointly planned this activity. The theme of the activity was Popularizing synthetic biology and stimulating primary school students' interests in biology. Hundreds of people including children and their parents attended this activity. The activity was comprised of three links—— playing small games, giving small speeches and asking questions. In these processes, many children showed their strong interests and enthusiasm. We also prepared gifts as rewards for the children who answered the questions correctly. We worked with Zhejiang University and we overcame many difficulties together. Thanks to Zhejiang University for creating such a wonderful experience with us. We gained a lot and had fun in this activity!


In June, we established an online discussion group with NAU-CHINA, hoping to collaborate on editing wiki and modeling. And we kept a long-term communication. We actively discussed the problems encountered in the wiki editing process, such as how to modify the original wiki to make it meet the award requirements, how to set some effects to make wiki more beautiful and so on. Finally, we would like to thank NAU-CHINA again for your help!


This summer, the 5th Conference of China iGEMer Community(CCiC) was held at ShanghaiTech University. More than 60 iGEM teams shared their projects in Shanghai. We shared our project with other teams and discussed with them the problems we encountered in our project. Many of the suggestions we received from other teams were very valuable. So thank you very much for all who have helped us. And we would like to thank everyone from team ShanghaiTech again for their contributions to this meet-up. This was a great meet-up!

Jiangnan_China, DLUT_China, LZU-China

On August 8, 2018. We had a meeting with team Jiangnan_China, team DLUT_China and team LZU-China in Jiangsu Normal University. The meeting was aimed on sharing ideas and seeking for collaborations. What's worth mentioning is this meeting attracted a lot of students of Jiangsu Normal University, so we had some audiences. In the beginning each team introduced their projects, then we gave our audience a basic introduction of what synthetic biology iGEM is. Afterwards we had a further talk about the problems we had in our previous experiments, project design, modeling and hp work. Team Jiangnan_China and team LZU-China met some difficulties in interlab study, too, so we gave them some instructions, pointed out their mistakes and helped them find the correct way to finish the study. We had further collaboration with team Jiangnan_China by providing them the cell lysis gene that we tested functional in our project. It helped them to improve the environment safety of their project. In this meeting, we benefited a lot from other three teams and therefore had new ideas about how to finish our project. Many thanks to team Jiangnan_China, team DLUT_China and team LZU-China, and we appreciate teachers and students from Jiangsu Normal University who helped us find a meeting room. Hope to see them participating in iGEM 2018.