Our team is highly concerned of lab safety which is strictly regulated by the following rules:

  1. All students, before participating in lab activities, must receive safety training.
  2. A teacher MUST be present when one or more than one students are in the lab.
  3. Food and water MUST not be brought into the lab.
  4. Wear lab coat and gloves at all times when necessary.
  5. Sign on the equipment usage record sheet before using any equipment.
  6. Corrosive wastes must go to the corresponding bins. Do not throw solid wastes into the sink. Biological wastes containing microorganism must be autoclaved.
  7. Do not bring any reagents, disposables, or other equipments outside the lab.
  8. Wash hands after each lab session.

Besides, our labs have safety signs, posters as reminders to team members who participates lab activities.


We have signs which remind team members to remove their gloves before leaving the lab.


Our lab in Tsinghua University has stricter rules concerning emergency evacuation, lab safety coordination, and biosafety levels. ⬅️↙️⬇️