RDFZ-China is an active, collaborative team within the iGEM community in China. We share our resources and ideas aiming to create positive impacts on other iGEM teams we collaborated with.


We provided team Tsinghua with IPTG assay with Ptac plasmid backbone in Tsinghua’s IPTG induction devices in their NEON system.Also we provided AHL for their Lux system.Tsinghua was generous to provide us some lab space and equipments to work on our projects. We worked close, both physically and intellectually, to create maximum impacts on our team projects.


This year, we provided SJTU-BioX-Shanghai with plasmids expressing acoustic reporter genes arg1 and arg2. They were applied to report the location of cancer foci combining with ultrasound in their project “E.Coli for Colon Health Observation”. We also shared protocols and equipments regarding non-invasive bacteria monitoring in our section of gas vesicles.

Great Bay China

Zeyu Tang from the team, RDFZ-China, kindly provided help on modeling for team GBC. To be specific, Zeyu gave them one document about previous work he has done on the fermentor model, which contains deterministic ODEs for predicting the productivity of engineered bacteria in the fermentor. In addition, Zeyu wrote another document which illustrates the deduction of Hill equation, helping them create their model simulation.

Knowing GreatBay was constructing a constitutive expressing GFP into the bacterial genome, we enquired for it and used it as a capacity monitor for characterizing the expression burden. Greatbay kindly gave it to us as a gift.


Our team leader in 2017, Bowen Xiao, did a report on strategies preparing the iGEM competition; then the two teams shared resources and had a conversation on the biggest problems encounter during iGEM. Team BFSUICC-China in September met with us to discuss project updates and Jamboree preparation.

Nanjing NFLS

At the beginning of their wiki programming, team NFLS faced difficulties with the compatibility of our coding software and the official iGEM server. Experimented from Frontpage to Dreamweaver, they still found several bugs remained in our website. Luckily, we had coded part of their wiki, and helped them with the some of the specific sentences that were only used in iGEM server. As our collaboration proceeded, we shared a lot of coding tips and sentences, including light effects and multiple layers.