Team:UCAS-China/Human Practices/Gold overview


By blending science and art, we picked up Wilde’s rose again. Propelled forward by interative engagement and discussion with the public, we addressed three major issues about blending science and art: (i) Eliminating the bias and exploring the concept, (ii) Acceptance and involvement and (iii) Assimilation and changes of society tendency.

(i) Refining all the wisdom points sparking during interviews with scientists and collaborations with artists, we explored deeper insight indicating imagination and interaction. (ii) We conducted a survey among young generation and knowing the current situation of lacking practical chances. Hence, we created Orpheus, which is a software that could involve everyone in art-and-science practice. Orpheus transforms sounds chosen by users into light signals and simulate the unique roses which our E. coli would create in response. (iii) We pioneered to use story as the carrier of our art-and-science work and capture the emotional sympathy of the public. We tried to establish profound influence on society tendency and inspire more significant creations of art-and-science combination in a more creative, imaginative and easy-accessed way.