Team:UCAS-China/Human Practices/silver education


From primary school to summer camp for high school students from all over China, from future biological explorers to students from non-biology-relating majors. We shared ideas to spark new curiosity of synthetic biology.

Giving classes in Anmin Primary School

On May 23th, some iGEMers from UCAS-China took part in the voluntary activities organized by volunteering association of UCAS and taught basic but fantastic knowledge about synthesis biology to those young primary school students. The complex theories behind those amazing phenomena may be too difficult to them, but we firstly brought synthetic biology into their world. It was interesting for them to know that it can do so many amazing things like making bacteria colorful or smelling like lemon. We encouraged them to draw whatever they want to create by synthetic biology in the future. Hoping this will be the initiation of their scientific life.

Speech in summer camp for high school students

Given the current situation of limited influence of iGEM and synthesis biology among Chinese high school students, UCAS-China came to UCAS Summer Camp for High School Students on July 27th, where gathering high school students coming from all over China with a science dream. Our speech provided them with a new concept of synthesis biology. We invited our advisor Fankang MENG to complete the speech with us. With vivid introduction and fancy projects, our speech successfully stimulated listeners’ interest. Looking at their curious eyes, we were glad that our effort to set forward their starting line was meaningful and hoping some of them might be attracted and become iGEMers in the future, trying to do the most fantastic and meaningful project ever.

Speech to students of other majors

To broaden the influence of iGEM and synthesis biology and facilitate the communication and collaboration with other majors, we decided to start from our university. On June 28th, the final class of the writing course, one of the iGEMers of UCAS-China gave her presentation of Let’s talk about synthesis biology and iGEM. Her speech was a good access for other students to know about what we were devoting to. And synthesis biology was known and thought by other students step by step with our effort.