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Inspired by artists from Art and Science Research Center, we pioneered to use story as the carrier of our art-and-science work and capture the emotional sympathy of the public.

On September 4th, we were invited to visit Art and Science Research Center. Deep contact with the environment they stay in and the work they have done, the most impressive part for us was the principle they hold, which is keeping the influence and creating all the time. What would our work be after we finish this year’s project? The idea of blending art and science should never be a transient thing, rather, it should become a tendency of the whole society.

Image 1:UCAS-China iGEMers with artists from Art and Science Research Center
Image 2:Visit to Art and Science Research Center

We tried to establish profound influence on society tendency and inspire more significant creations of art-and-science combination in a more creative, imaginative and easy-accessed way. In case to achieve this, we invited you into our rose forest, a wonderland of art-and-science fusion. Bring back gifts we presented for you, to be braver to create, more imaginative to think and more enthusiastic to influence people around you. Change the society tendency, and blend art with science!

What is color- 3 minutes for science

Aiming to spread our enthusiasm in art-and-science combination, also to bring more creative ideas and inspire more people, we stood on this country-wide stage, sharing our work and faith with the public in our unique way.

The initiation of our idea came from our faith. Nowadays, the modern social division of labor is becoming more and more specified, as two main components of this large well-function machine, science and art, seems to get into more narrow paths. Many supported to look and work at them separately, due to their contrary traits of representing sensibility and sense. But we are determined to be the pioneers of the new land. We believed in the possibilities we could create through blending science and art. Then we found color. As a fundamental element of art and an important characterizing signal in science, we backtracked the history of how color take shape realistically, and how scientists and artists were correlated with color.

Aiming to collect videos which introduce scientific phenomenon to the public and encourage more creative work about science popularization, Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Association for Science and Technology and many other organizations held a “3 minutes for science” activity. We UCAS-China team presented our video “What is color”, which concerns the scientific knowledge of how colors are produced by pigments and how we human see this colorful world.

After our video was posted on the Internet, a total of 4001 people “like” it and we won the first prize finally. We were acknowledged and encouraged by audience and competition judges, even were invited to attend an art and science forum held in Beijing on Nov 3rd. It was a meaningful attempt in science popularization, which was as important as scientific research itself.

Daily iGEM

How to bring science and art into people’s daily life and encourage everyone to dance with imagination and creativity? After Giant Jamboree and far more than iGEM competition, we are determined to have more people in our new ear of art-and-science combination! Maybe begin just beside your pillow, starting from your first sight of every day’s new world!

In Beijing-Tianjin iGEM Alliance Establishing Conference, we UCAS-China put forward the idea of making an iGEM calendar as a gift for the world, which was cordially supported by BNU-China. With shared enthusiasm in introducing iGEM and synthetic biology in an artistic way to people from every corner of the world, no matter which field they come from and how much they know about science and art, we collaborate to present a gift which could dip your daily life in scientific and artistic enjoyment! So, here came our Daily iGEM! 20+ items of knowledge point relating to synthetic biology, 20+ stories about iGEMers’ daily life and experience to share and 20+ iGEM teams from all over China to say hello to the world! Daily iGEM covers many aspects including concepts of synthetic biology, iGEM outstanding work, guidance on molecular experiments, interesting stories of iGEMers and so on. Each concept we pick is followed by an elaborate painting.

Also, we had a bonus part where we invited more than 15 iGEM teams from all over China to send their greetings to the world! You may have the chance to get one in the jamboree!

Thanks for all teams offer their help: BNU-China, Jiangnan, Nanjing-China, NEU_China_A, NKU_CHINA, NUDT_CHINA, OUC-China, SCAU-China, Tianjin, TUST_China, XJTU-China and XMU-China.!

Have a look here!


With the hope to change the tendency of society, we tried to explore more creative ways to show the public that art-and-science work can be so easily-achieved but can make our daily life so colorful and vigorous.

For the public, especially those with limited knowledge of biology, a complicated and conventional circuit description was a barrier preventing them from lasting interest and further understanding. How can we combine the science rationale and fun to present our circuit in a brand-new way? We thought about domino. With dominos’ falling down denoting genes’ expression, small balls’ rolling denoting small molecules’ delivering and other interesting design, students we invited all agreed that it’s a wonderful and imaginative way to practice edutainment. Watch the video and find all those ingenious points we hide in the domino! We will be glad to know if you like our innovative idea. Broaden your horizon and be the pioneers like us!