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Award Achievement

Best Open Project

Medal Achievements


⑴ Register and Attend:

✅We have registered for iGEM and will go to the Giant Jamboree after a wonderful summer.

⑵ Deliverables:

✅We have designed a wiki to display our project.

✅We have created a poster to show at the Giant Jamboree.

✅We have prepared presentation to show at the Giant Jamboree.

✅We have completed the judging form.

⑶ Attributions:

✅A project attributions page is included in our wiki, which contab information on how team members and other people contributed to our project.(See Attributions)

⑷ Characterization/Contribution:

✅We participated in the InterLab study.

✅We put forward new ideas of the tandem expression of chromoprotein, to get new colors, which would enrich greatly the colors and the parts in the Registry.

✅We characterized the Red-, Green-,Blue light sensors (Cph8, YF1, CcaSR) which already exist in the registry, by exploring the relationship between the fluorescent intensity with the wavelengths of input light. (See Contributions)


⑴ Validated Part/Validated Contribution

✅We tested the the function of our RGB system, and proved our concept of mixing colors in cells. (See Validated Contribution & Proof of Concept)

✅We submitted our part collection and well characterized the function of the system. , (See Part, LIGHT TO COLOR)

⑵ Collaboration

✅We set up the Beijing-Tianjin Alliance and host the conference.

✅We also did many other collaboration works with other teams. (See Collaborations)

⑶ Human Practices

✅We considered the safety, the acceptance and the meaning of our project in a creative way. (See Safety & Security, Human Practices)


⑴ Integrated Human Practices

✅We deeply explore the relationship of art and science, analyzed the situation and tried to bring changes to the society, which inspired and prompted the design of our project. (See Human Practices)

⑵ Improve a Previous Part or Project

✅We improved the projects of KIT-Kyoto team in 2010 and Pairs Bettencourt team in 2014. (See Improve)

⑶ Model your Project

✅We continuously modeled many aspects of our project and the results provided suggestions on our experiments and hardware design. (See Model)

⑷ Demonstration of Your Work

✅We connected all the modules in our project together and demonstrated our project. Our system worked well and was safety. (See Demonstrate and Safety & Security)