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ChunBo LOU Xian-en ZHANG Jiangyun WANG

Secondary PI

Primary PI

Secondary PI


Advisor Fankang MENG

Advisor Art and Science Research Center


Matthew GAO(Biology)

Zepeng XU(Biology)

Ziyi ZHAO(Biology)

Leader Experiment & Interlab experiment & interlab

GAO is the most handsome man in this team! He is always seeking to try new things and experience more. He has been driven crazy by the complex circuit design and losing more and more hair since participating in iGEM.

Majoring Biology, he holds curiosity in many fields of life science, synthetic biology in particular. Itching to know more about designing life, he joined iGEM and participate actively in lab works. Outside the lab he is a typical bookworm - except his passion for video games.

Because of my great curiosity about the mysteries of life, I came UCAS majoring in biological science and joined iGEM team this year and was mainly responsible for experiment and interlab. Outside the laboratory, reading, listening to music and watching movie all attract me. And I believe smile can rescue the world.

Yuyan NI (Mathematics)

Yiyi WANG (Biology)

Zhaoying PAN(EE)

Hardware & Model Experiment & mixing colors Hardware & Model

Ni is full of passion and curiosity. She spent much time in catching up biology knowledge and learning modeling and electronics in summer holiday. It has taken huge effort for her to balance between the heavy work in-class and after-class, but she will never give up.

My deep love for biology pushed me to take part in IGEM and kept on working with my teammates. I was used to keeping optimistic about our project and try my best to do my part well with great joy. Outside of IGEM I also have fun in Art Department and Drama Club.

Interested in synthetic biology all the time so she becomes an iGEMer. The great passion for designing and establishing hardware drives her to devote most of time and energy to hardware work. Neglecting the earlier (not so pretty) hardware she made, she loves all simple and beautiful things in the world.

Liangpu WANG(CS)

Yun DONG (Biology)


Experiment & Model Human Practice & Experiment Art Designing

Majoring in computer science, he is surprised to discover the similarity between CS and synthetic biology. To explore more about the similarity and to seek the possibility to combine computer science and sythetic biology, he joined iGEM and participate actively in modeling.

Devoted to biology, admiring literature, seeking truth in lab, chasing beauty out of lab, she is always spinning around things she loves, but she will never forget to appreciate the scenery and all people she met along her way.

Majoring in computer science but she is interested in biology and art. she always thinks she may be a designer if she didn't choose to major in the computer science. She likes painting and tries to be the best painter among programmers and the best programmer among painters.

Jiachen HU(Biology)

Zhifan WAN (CS)

Fengzhi LI(CS)

Human Practice Wiki Art Designing

We usually call him ‘little fatty’ or ‘boss Hu’ because of his cute figure and his unique sense of humor. He is always wearing a smile and willing to help anyone who is in need. He spent much time learning film editing and finally produced lots of good work for our team.

Majoring in computer science, doing mostly webpage designing works, holding the view that combing various color together and fixing up pictures are great jobs that deserve my whole life working on.

Fengzhi Li is a junior student majoring in Computer Science in UCAS. He is the art designer of this team. He tries hard not to get mad because he must polish his artwork dozens of times. To relieve stress, he plays saxophone and some other music instruments. He enjoys more than 10k different music each year, which makes him an amateur Music connoisseur.

Yufei SHAN (Physics)

Huajian XU(CS)

Shiyang WANG(Chemistry)

Human Practice Wiki Web Page Design

She have a strong love for biology and passion on what is life and how it functions. So she choose physics to observe life in a different perspective. Also she loves music and visual art.

Majoring Computer Science, he especially liked the work of computer hardware. After he joined IGEM, he learned a lot about website construction. In normal times, he is a singing fanatic, especially likes vocals and chorus.

Poor in coding, bad in experiment, even worse in graphics design, but always love iGEM.