This year HUST-China’s project is related to Shewanella, which we used in 2017, so they contacted with us for some help. We provide WT Shewanella, plasmid pYYDT, and E.coli wm3040 with them, and we also shared some experimental experience and gave some suggestions to them.


This year we got in touch with team Peking from Peking University during the 5th CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer community) and discussed about our projects. After that we kept in close touch, exchanging ideas about project and modelling, which we’ve learnt a lot from each other.


This year we helped USTC-Software to test their “Biotech” and provided them with some useful advice.


Team members from team Fudan came to USTC and we had an amusing meet-up. We communicated about our projects and provided advice with each other.


We came to Nanjing University to meet with members from team Nanjing-China. During the meet-up we had shared a lot about our project and some experience with each other.


This year, we and members from team XJTU-China, Jilin-China and BNU-China gathered together in a conference held by University of Science and Technology of China and had a short meet-up. We communicated about projects, interlab measurement, problems we met in experiments and so on. We all got some support from each other.


The 5th Conference of China iGEMer Community

This year, we participated into a great party hosted by ShanghaiTech University——Conference of China iGEMer community (also known as CCiC). During this conference, amazing presentations were performed to show out every team’s creative project. In addition, during the panel session, members from each team came up to the stage to share their experience in this iGEM competition, either the happiest one or the most sorrow one. And also we communicated with a lot of teams about every we learnt from iGEM. Last but not least, during the conference, we met iGEM HQ Ms. Lizarazo who was really nice and kind. We had a long conversation about the whole iGEM competition, and we shared many stories about our team, which was an amusing meet-up.

The 6th iGEM Asia-Parcific Conference

In summer, we attended The 6th iGEM Asia-Parcific Conference hosted by NCHU Taichung. The conference included official presentations along with Q&A and a poster session, which not only serves as a drill for the coming jamboree, but also inspires us with new ideas and valuable advice we can make good use of.Taking an active part in the conference, we shared our ideas and studies in synthetic biology and made a great deal new friends with different backgrounds. We sincerely acknowledge NCHU Taichung for their warm services and we gained a lot through the conference.