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Throughout the past ten months we have received tremendous support and encouragement from many people, including professors, our instructors and experts. We'd like to thank all those people who have helped us so that we can complete the project successfully. This year we established a team in December and divided it into three groups for different works. During the winter vacation, some teachers in our college provided some lessons about safety training to help us creating better experiences. And we had a fascinating and intense brainstorm from January to March. At the same time, our work about human practice went on together. At the end of the March, we finally ensured our project and began to spare no effort to struggle for it. All experiments were performed by members of this group. And all the presentation materials and Wiki were finished by all members of ZJUT-China.


★ Jun Ma ★
★ Wenyu Lei ★
★ Feng Cheng ★


★ Yuanshan Wang ★
★ Jun Li ★
★ Xiaoling Tang ★
★ Jingyan Ge ★
★ Dongchang Sun ★
★ Zhiqiang Liu ★

General support

Our college had been provided help throughout the entire project including PIs, Instructors, advisors, laboratories, and financial support.

Lab and modelling support

★ Professor Dongchang Sun ★

He provided the team with laboratory support and experimental guidance.

★ Professor Jianhua Ying ★

He provided the team Laboratory safety training and urged us to obey laboratory safety regulations.

★ Graduate student Xudan Mao ★

She helped the design of sgRNA which targets to panD and provided us the strain containing plasmid pTargetF.

★ Former team leader Geyi Wang ★

She shared her experience about experiment and always gave advices to help us further project.

★ Director Wei Zhang of HuaDong Medicine Co.,LTD. ★

She shared views about the problem that may be faced when put into use, which affects the direction of the modelling. Our modelling group decided to focus on solving the problems about energy, environment and cost.

★ Professor Feng Cheng ★

He provided feasibility evaluation about modelling work and pointed out something we can improve on.

Project advisor support

★ Academician Yinchu Shen ★

He made valuable observations on our project and encouraged deep exploration.

Presentation coaching

★ All of our PIs and Instructors ★

They provided advices when we were practicing the presentation.

Human Practices support

★ Director Fang of pharmacy department of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital ★

She reminded us the fact that bacterial resistance is an urgent problem facing the world during an interview.

★ Professor Feng Cheng of Microbiology ★

He gave his opinions about how to solve the problem.

★ Teacher Wei Tang of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences ★

He said that China does not have specific emission standards, policies, and laws for drug-resistant genes. He believes that if we can eliminate the resistance genes of engineered bacteria before discharge, then it is valuable to solve the problem of resistance gene contamination.

★ Director Shengchen Xu of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau ★

He thought our project will be supported by the government, which proves that the project is beneficial to the world and responsible to the public.

★ Director Wei Zhang of HuaDong Medicine Co.,LTD. ★

She shared views about the problem that may be faced when put into use, which affects the direction of the dry and wet groups.

★ Public ★

We would like to express our appreciation towards those who participated in our questionnaire survey.


Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in helping make a successful iGEM team. Thank you for accompanying and supporting us all the time!