Team:BNDS CHINA/Attributions


The competition was organized at Beijing National Day school by Dr. Chun Zhang, Ms. Ruoting Tao, Zhuoyi Yang, and Xilin Yang. Yuchen Yang, Guanghua Hao, Zitian Ye, Jingxu Yan, Yinting Huang, Ziqi Zhao, Siying Peng, Kaiwen Dou, Yukun Xi, Zishi Wu, Yuezhang Zhou, Yuning Yang, and Zihan Zhang were recruited in December 2017. Before determining our team project, we had rounds of discussion and every team member devoted in reading papers and sharing new ideas. As the team leader, Zhuoyi Yang and Xilin Yang organized lab skills training in winter holiday in Peking University with the help of Cheng Li, Hong Chen, Jianhui Qiu, Songyuan Zhang, Ke Bai, Chu Chen Wang, and Xiaoyu Yang from previous Peking iGEM teams.

Our Roles in The Team

NameWiki & PosterHuman Practices & CollaborationExperimentsPresentationModel
Zishi WuExperiments; Wiki design and composing; Drawing pictures; Poster designRed Window Expo; Meeting with UCAS; Team uniform designInduction of A.hydrophila sensors; Testing of AMPs; Interlab; Testing of QQ devicesQuorum quenching———
Yuchen YangExperimentsRed Window ExpoCloning of A. hydrophila sensor; Interlab; C4-HSL concentration measurement——————
Guanghua Hao———Red Window Expo; Fish farming industry visit; Pamphlet making after fish trading market visitInterlab; Protein extraction for AMPs——————
Zhuoyi YangDemonstration; Collaboration; Design; Parts; AttributionsFish farming industry visitWinter holiday experiment training; Designing of experiment and devices; Interlab; Cloning; Testing of AMPs, A.hydrophila sensors, and QQ devicesCollaborations & Special thanksFind the idea of model
Zitian YeHuman Practice; ExperimentsRed Window Expo; Fish farming industry visit; Fish trading market visitCloning; Testing of AMPs, A.hydrophila sensors, and QQ devicesA. hydrophila sensor; Model———
Xilin YangDemonstration; Design; Experiments; poster designFish farming industry visitWinter holiday experiment training; Designing of experiment and devices; Interlab; Cloning; Testing of AMPs, A.hydrophila sensors, and QQ devicesProvide guidelines———
Yukun XiHuman PracticesRed Window Expo; Public lectureCloning; Testing of AMPs——————
Jingxu YanDrawing pictures; Human practicesRed Window Expo; Public lecture; Fish trading market visitCloning; Testing of AMPsIntroduction———
Yinting HuangHuman practicesRed Window Expo; Public lecture; Team uniform design; Meeting with UCASCloningHuman Practices———
Ziqi ZhaoDescriptionRed Window Expo; Fish farming industry visitTesting of AMPs; CloningAMPs———
Siying PengHuman practicesRed Window Expo; Fish trading market visit; meeting with UCASTesting of AMPs; Cloning——————
Yuezhang ZhouDescriptionRed Window Expo; Team logo designInterlab; Cloning——————
Kaiwen DouWiki designRed Window Expo; Public lectureCloning——————
Yuning YangModel——— A.hydrophila sensors———Model
Zihan ZhangModel———A.hydrophila sensors———Model

Special Thanks

There are many institutes and people that helped us overcome many obstacles.

The National Institute of Metrology provided many supports. The Laboratory of Biological Analysis and Cell Technologies,Division of Medical and Biological Measurement shared us their advanced laboratory facilities and equipment for us to conduct most of our experiments from August to September. Without their help, we could not finish our project. The Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science lent us the HPLC/MS to measure the concentration of C4-HSL and constant temperature shaker to culture bacteria. Special thanks to Prof. Wang Jing, Dr. Gao Yunhua, Prof. Lu Xiaohua, Dr. Wang Jiayi, Prof. Wu Liqing, Dr. Dong Lianhua, Ms. Tang Hua and Dr. Song Dewei for their professional and unreserved help.

The Laboratory of Structural Biology of Tsinghua University helped us with our induction, ultrasound bacteria lysis, protein purification, SDS-PAGE and most of the protein-related process.

The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology shared us the Scanning Electron Microscope. Especially Prof. Chen Chunying and Prof. Piao Lingyu gave us many instructions to observe the antimicrobial ability of AMPs on Aeromonas Hydrophily.

The Institute of Animal Quarantine Quarantine, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Inspection and Quarantine Technical Center of Beijing Customs shared us their P2 laboratory to conduct experiments with A.hydrophila, a biosafety level II bacteria.

Mr. Yihao Zhang from School of Physics, Peking University Ms. Shuyu Shi and Mr. Jianhui Qiu from Medical School, Peking University gave us many useful pieces of advice on project and experiment design. Mr. Yihao Zhang kindly lent us the plate reader and taught us how to design RBS with desired strength in

Prof. Li Xincang from East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences replied our email and solved our troubles on the experimental observation of the antimicrobial ability of AMP.

Dr. Zhang Chun, Dr. Ruoting Tao as our PIs, Mr. Li Cheng as our instructor, Miss Hu Zhongxiu and Miss Wang Yantong as our advisers, gave us many suggestions on project design, experiment conduction, academic writing, and presentation. In addition, Dr. Xiangmei Dou from our school’s national department helped us to set up the synthetic biology lecture in her advanced biotechnology class.

Mr. Wu Chunlei for instructing HTML and wiki design.