Team:BNDS CHINA/Collaborations


I. With Peking University (PKU)

Some of our experiments were conducted in PKU old biology building. We shared the lab equipments with the iGEMers from PKU. They offered us valuable advice on the experiment designing, and helped us with lab skills training in winter holiday. Yihao Zhang, the advisor of PKU iGEM team, also lent us plate reader, so we could conduct Interlab and A.hydrophila sensor experiments smoothly. Without their help, we would not complete all the experiments with the same efficiency.

II. With University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS)

In July, we visited UCAS and had a meeting with their iGEM team members. We communicated our team projects and gave suggestions in experiment designing to each other. They offered us useful advice on the potential safety issues in our project and helped us to fixed them. We asked them some questions related to plasmid construction and helped them to clarify the experiment design. Moreover, we helped them to complete their human practice by using bacteria transformed with chromoproteins to paint pictures on LB plates.

III. With the Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University (SHSBNU)

We shared our Interlab materials with them, enabling them to finish the Interlab, which is a requirement for bronze medal.