Team Members

Zhuoyi Yang (Joyce):

I’m Zhuoyi Yang from IB program, and the team leader of this year’s team. I was also a team member in last year’s team and I fell in love with the iGEM adventure. In this year, I organised the team member selection and gave training to the new iGEMer during winter holiday. I guided team members to brainstorm projects and separated them to groups to research more deeply on each module. To give better instruction to our team, I invited Cheng Li from Peking University as our instructor, and was in charge of communicating between teachers and the team. I planned for the summer holiday experiment as well as human practice and tried my best to borrow necessary equipments from some labs. Moreover, I distributed tasks to team members in presentation preparation and wiki writing process. It is a great pleasure to work with my team mates and I hope to be a lifelong iGEMer.

Jingxu Yan (Levana):

I’m Levana, a team member of 2018 BNDS China. Now I in 11 IB programs and I am 15 years old. I take charge in the wet lad, human practice, and some visual creation of our team. I love biology, and by joining the iGEM competition, I realize that theories are different from experiments, some time we need to do a lot of trials in order to great the right solution.

Guanghua Hao (Charles):

I’m Charles, a team member of 2018 BNDS China. I am in Grade 12 AP program. I advocated with my teammates a school fund for scientific research; I worked with the experiment group at the different labs to learn techniques of synthesis and analysis; I also designed the pamphlets for the human practice portion of our project.

Zitian Ye (Kelly):

I am Zitian Ye. Aside from collecting information regarding antimicrobial peptides, I participated mainly in wet lab and human practice. The majority of my lab works were demonstration: measuring the MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) of antimicrobial peptides as well as the efficiency of different types of promoters. For the human practice part, I organized the visit to the fish farm to learn about aquaculture, sold our project-related products to popularize synthetic biology, and interviewed merchants selling ornamental fish.

Ziqi Zhao (Tom):

Hi! My name is Ziqi Zhao, a high school senior student at BNDS. I mainly participated in the wet lab, helped with human practice, and I’ll be responsible for a part of the presentation. I’m very excited to be in our iGEM team because I’m interested in synthetic biology and planning to take biological engineering for my college major. When I’m not working in the lab, I find happiness in music and performing arts. No kidding. A biology student who sings well.

Yinting Huang (Justin):

My name is Yinting Huang, a team member of BNDS_China. I took part in the project research section and help our team to narrow down the topics. Furthermore, in the wet lab, I engaged in the modeling of the AMP and quorum quenching proteins. Last but not least, I am one of the designers and planners in the team and in charge of designing the bookmarks, the turntable, team uniforms and human practice activities.

Zihan Zhang (Steven):

I am prospective to learn applied mathematics in the undergraduate stage, and I am engaged to extensively utilize the modeling knowledge and programming skills. I have learned some algorithm and function about data analysis originally in class, but I never had the chance to apply them practically. My experience is sparse and all knowledge is literally understood. iGEM 2018 gave me a great chance to incorporate math with other natural science and broaden my horizon of knowledge comprehension. I took charge of visualization and data analysis, discovering the density function and variation tendency. Throughout the process, I recognize how worthy and useful the mathematics is. I am willing to devote myself to the future researches.

Instructor: Cheng Li

School of Life Science, Peking University

PI: Chun Zhang

IB biology teacher from BNDS

Advisor: Yantong Wang

BNDS 18’, Monash University 22’

Xiangmei Dou

biology teacher from BNDS

Haoqian Zhang


Xilin Yang (Sallina):

I am Xilin Yang, a Grade 12 student from IB program. As a student leader in our team, I participated in recruiting and selecting new team members to start a team. In the stage of research, I selected information about antimicrobial peptides that target on A. hydrophila but are not harmful to E. coli. During summer vacation, I participated in wet lab, including Interlab, constructing parts, and extracting and testing the peptides. In September and October, I took part in planning presentation, writing and revising wiki, and designing poster. iGEM gives me a platform to preview a life for research in lab and my partners' effortless hardwork in the project gives me the courage to finish the process.

Zishi Wu (Purple):

My name is Purple, and I’m in Grade 12 IB program. In our early research period, I focused on searching the suitable Antimicrobial peptides to kill the A. Hydrophila. Later, I mostly participated in the InterLab, wet lab, and the collaboration with other teams. Later, I mostly participated in the InterLab, wet lab, and the collaboration with other teams. In addition to helping composing our wiki pages and drawing some of our illustrations including the initial sketch of our team logo, I also integrated our presentation PPT and helped design the poster. Thanks to iGEM, I am now familiar with a series of advanced biotechnologies.

Yuezhang Zhou(Mackie):

As one of the 12th graders in the team, I involved in early literature research and wet-lab during the summer. In the literature research part, I was one of the main members who are responsible for the Quorum Quenching part and have made my own contribution to the determination of the project. Also, I participated in the experimental process and conducted experiments, including but not limited to PCR, gel electrophoresis & recycle. Besides, I designed the team logo based on the idea given by another team member. It is my greatest honor to be one of the team and make contribution to the team.

Yuchen Yang (Jasson):

I am Yuchen Yang, a student of AP program. As a senior student intending to major in molecular medicine, I have been working on many tutorial processes in using Snapgene with other junior students, including fragment insertion by Gibson Assembly and restriction cloning, designing primers for sequencing and bacterial colony PCR, etc. Besides, I have been involved in many experimental processes of plasmid construction where common experimental techniques of molecular biology including but not limited to PCR, gel electrophoresis & recycle are employed. This entire iGEM project happens to be one of the best experiences that I had in my life and I highly appreciate that.

Yukun Xi (Michael):

I'm Michael, a team member of 2018 BNDS China and a student in Grade 11 Alevel program. In our team, the main role of me is an EXP. I did lots of experiments, and went to several labs. What's more, I also participated in many HP activities, like held scientific lecture, for the goal of publicizing the synthetic biology.

Siying Peng (Heloise):

I am Heloise Peng, a Grade 11 student and a first year “iGEMer” of BNDS China. I take part in the preliminary research, wet lab, several Human Practice activities and Wiki writing. I am a big fan of Biology. As a new member this year, I step into the gene engineering world for the first time and learned a lot throughout the year. I look forward for the coming Giant Jamboree and I am so glad to be a member of team BNDS China.

Yuning Yang:

I am Yuning Yang from Grade 12 IB program. I am interested in math and graphic design. In 2018 iGEM, I collaborate with Steven to be in charge of Modeling part in our team. I participate in iGEM because I want to learn the application of mathematical modeling in biology and improve my mathematical modeling skills through this experience.

Kaiwen Dou(Kelvin):

Hi, I'm Kelvin from A-level program grade 12. I was in BNDS_China in iGEM 2017. This year, I primarily work on wiki design and coding. I also participated in the Red Window Expo and our public lecture.

Secondary PI: Ruoting Tao

AP and A-level biology teacher from BNDS

Advisor: Zhongxiu Hu

BNDS 18’, University of North Carolina 22’

Yihao Zhang

Center for Quantitative Biology

Jianhui Qiu

Medical School, Peking University