Team:BNDS CHINA/Safety


General Lab Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Always close and lock the lab door if no one is inside.
  2. If you notice that a general lab supply is running low, write the item description, catalog number, company, and quantity desired along with your name and the date on the white board. Try to write items up far enough in advance to ensure that we can restock our supplies before running out.
  3. Always wear gloves and spray your gloves with ethanol before opening incubators.
  4. Please notify the lab manager of any problems noticed as soon as possible.
  5. Always close the sash of the chemical hood when no task is performed inside (even if you step away briefly).
  6. Never wear gloves outside of the lab (please remove your gloves before going into the computer room or the offices).
  7. Please turn the light off in the cold room when you exit.
  8. Please clean the balances when you finish using them, and return all chemicals to the back shelves.
  9. Always close and latch completely the freezer doors (both –80℃ and –20℃) when not in use, and make sure the deli fridge is closed as well.
  10. Turn off all orbital shakers and mixers when not in use.
  11. Make sure samples are capped tightly and counterbalanced appropriately when centrifuging. Also, be sure the screw the top on the microcentrifuge during use.
  12. If you borrow something from someone else’s bench, please return it immediately after you finish using it.
  13. If you break something, please report it to the person whose lab duty it is.
  14. If you don’t understand how to do something… ASK!
  15. If you empty a Pasteur pipette container, please restock the hood with a new one for the next hood user.