Team:Lambert GA/Basic Part

B A S I C   P A R T S

BBa_K2550200: Ribosomal Binding Site for the Toehold Sequences

This part encodes an RBS within the stem-loop domain of the toehold switch. In the "closed" position, the RBS is held within the loop, preventing the binding of ribosomes to the RBS, thereby inhibiting translation. In the "open" position, the uncoupling of the RNA switch results in freeing of the RBS. This conformational change allows for binding of ribosomes, thereby allowing translation of the downstream reporter protein to occur.

BBa_K2550201: LacZ Reporter Gene

This part encodes the full-length LacZ Beta-galactosidase gene with a wobble introduced to ensure that the gene is restriction fragment cloning compatible. In our model, LacZ is the downstream reporter translated following binding of the trigger sequence to the toehold switch.

BBa_K2550202: Stem-Loop Domain for Toehold Switch Design

The functionality of toehold switches are dependent on the secondary structure through a stem-loop domain. This arbitrary sequence is responsible for maintaining the "closed" position of toehold switches until uncoupling occurs following binding of the trigger sequence. This structure is critical for the optimization of any toehold switch design. This part encodes an arbitrary sequence producing a stem-loop structure, which when coupled with the target sequence of choice and complementary parts, can form a complete toehold switch.