Team:Lambert GA/Improve

F U T U R E   W O R K

Future Work

In the future, Lambert iGEM plans to create a collection of genetic tools for multiple diseases and compile them into a portable synthetic biology toolkit including our frugal hardware devices such as the 3D Fuge, ElectroPen, and Chrome Q.

We hope our CALM model will serve as a basis for other Machine Learning models in other regions affected by Cholera outbreaks. Moreover, we hope to improve our Color Q app to integrate its analysis data into the CALM model, allowing future predictions to be improved. We also plan to improve CALM and continue extensive testing to ensure that our prediction model is successful.

In addition, we plan to implement cell-free protocols for the detection of pathogenic Cholera to eliminate the need for temperature sensitive materials like competent cells, enzymes, DNA, etc.

The 2019 iGEM team also plans to re-visit the same community in the Dominican Republic. Members will train teachers and their students on how to use the kits in order to provide ongoing support, so that they can become stewards of their own water.

Lastly, we hope to distribute our portable detection kits to non-profits, specifically the Thirst project, located in areas predicted to have a Cholera outbreaks, strengthening partnerships between affected countries, donors, and international agencies.