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Hey there. My name is Rohil and I hail from Earth, the third planet from our sun, in the Milky Way galaxy. I’m a part of a species of intelligent (?) life forms composed mostly of water and hedonism. My passions include cosmology and artificial intelligence. I’m a believer in effective altruism and would like to think that the instrumental purpose of our species is the pursuit of knowledge. I too am a part of a various acronymed organizations and have a plethora of synonymous adjectives ascribed to me. Also, if you can't tell, I like satire. That’s about it. Have a nice day.


Hi! My name is Nithik Balachandran, and this is my second year on the iGEM team, and I am loving the experience. I love getting to work with the hardware team and also enjoy working on the wiki. I love the different parts of our team and how they make our team whole. My life goal is to go to every country in the world (including North Korea). Aside from iGEM, my favorite things to do are watch sports, play sports, travel, and code (and play a ton of video games). You might find me at 2 am in the morning working on the wiki at my desk.


Ingredients: Flights to Australia (and Fall Out Boy, of course….), Refreshing Gossip, Cute Guys (preferably not from Georgia), and Grey/Black Cats

1) Take a flight to Australia (don’t forget Fall Out Boy tickets, or else..) and go to the beach
2) Find an oven, and preheat to 298 degrees Fahrenheit
3) Slowly add some cute guys and grey/black cats, and whisk until fine
4) Add some tears from iGEM stress for flavor
5) Spice the mixture up with hot gossip
6) Allow to bake for 10 mins, and remove from oven and let sit in the sun to tan until golden brown
7) Serve fresh at a Fall Out Boy concert (there’s enough of Katie’s care to go around)


Abby Bell is the sweetest person to ever bless the iGEM team. It’s easy to get cocky, being so smart and capable, but Abby could not be more humble and welcoming. Not only is she confident in her ability, but she also uses that confidence and kindness to lift up others. Abby never fails to be exceedingly thoughtful, going the extra mile to make her peers feel valued and appreciated. And it is this trait, just as much as her inquisitive intelligence and mad wet lab skills, that makes her such an asset to the Lambert iGEM team and the world as a whole.


Meet one of your 2032 presidential candidates. He’s ambitious, confident, strong-willed, and has the visions to change this country for the better good. Meet Gaurav. Not only is he willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the tasks in front of him, he is also the most passionate person you will ever meet. Aside from his intimidating side, Gaurav is truly a genuine, caring person that pushes his friends and family to be the best possible person they can be. Lastly, his love for Khalid, the color Red, and his addiction to coffee are a close second to his love for science and all of its endless capabilities.


Hi! My name is Ashtyn Cauffman and this is my first year participating in iGEM. Even in the short amount of time I’ve been working with my team, I can honestly say that iGEM has been life changing. I’ve been able to experience so many things, including outreach and wetlab, and I am so excited to see what the future holds in store. In addition to iGEM, I am an avid learner who is passionate about the healthcare field. I can’t wait to learn more about all of the other iGEM teams at Jamboree.


Often times people confuse Shanthi’s last name with “Hedge.” Perhaps because she is constantly living on the h-edge. Although its unknown if Shanthi spends her spare time pruning hedges, she can be deemed as the marketing mastermind making sure that there are no rough “h-edges” in our project. Being truly the most creative and artistic mind in the room, you can always rely on Shanthi to create amazing pitch videos, eye-catching flyers, and choose the perfect colors. Truly blessed in the realm of arts, Shanthi is a skilled oboe and piano player. As a girl scout, Shanthi is one with nature, so much so that she argues that rocks are biotic and hugs trees in her free time. Shanthi defines kindness as she is always looking out for her fellow team mates and shows so much compassion to everyone around her. But I must warn you, to never ever commit a crime, because Shanthi’s love for forensic science makes her the most skilled Canadian spy ever. She is obsessed with herbal tea and Celtic woman, an Irish band group she aspires to play oboe for. As I told you before she is truly Shanthi “livin on the h-edge” Hegde.


Hi! This is my second year on the iGEM team. From spending countless hours in the lab to meeting new people with different ideas and backgrounds, I can say without a doubt that being a part of the iGEM community has been one of the best experiences of my life. Outside of the science hallway at Lambert, you can find me playing soccer, trying to master new viola pieces, and reading anything I can find. Can’t wait to meet everyone and learn about all the interesting projects at Giant Jamboree!


Through the intense competition that is school and life, there is one person who truly does what they want because they enjoy it. His name: Sahil Jain. Almost every quality about him makes you rethink how your life as he does everything in his life genuinely. His aspirations are diverse and constantly changing because he constantly ranks at the top in anything and everything he does. The most admirable quality about him is that he isn’t affected by what other people think of him, making him a very unique person to work within which he is always thinking of new ideas. This is reinforced by his career aspirations which are currently unknown. Sahil loves 3D Printing, coding, puns, and nihilistic humor. In the end, one thing is for sure: if you get to know him, he is someone that you will always remember.


The most genuine person award goes to Tapasya. She is always there when you need her, and she always brings a bundle of joy with her! Tapasya also has the best fashion sense ever, and her outfit and makeup are always on point. Although this is Tapasya’s first year on the iGEM team, she is a born leader and is already making a difference! When she is not in the lab she is an avid reader and writer, girl scout, loves to watch tv, and is a math whiz. She also loves both coffee and tea, enjoys making hand turkeys year long, is fond of modern minimalistic designs, and has claimed that she has hacked the FBI.


Ellie is truly an 80 year old trapped inside of a 17 year old body; she is incredibly wise for her age. She possesses a rare characteristic that others spend years trying to emulate; she is capable of overcoming the most daunting obstacles. If you tell her something is impossible, she will most definitely prove you wrong. Her selfless characteristic is evident in all her actions. Ellie’s devotion to iGEM parallels to her unquenchable love for Cheeky’s queso, her pink hair tie, and Matt Bomer.


Hey! My name is Krishi Kishore and I am a sophomore at Lambert High School. This is my first year as a member of iGEM and I can say that it has been one of the most incredible and inspiring experiences I have ever had! Every day I wake up at 6:30 AM, eager to work with the Software, Hardware, and Wiki teams on creating the next-generation of synthetic biology. Science has always been an interest of mine and I hope to be able to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically the CEO of my own biomedical hardware company. Outside of iGEM, I love playing the piano, running, and reading any book by Stephen Covey. I’m very excited to see everyone at Jamboree this year!


Christina [kri-stee-nuh]

1. A vegan who is passionate about veganism but does not push her views on others
2. Can be always found eating fresh fruit out of a tin container and drinking warm water (because she claims it is better for you)
3. The cardigans, birkenstocks, and perfect cursive handwriting prove she has her life together (even though she claims that she doesn’t)
4. District Governor of Georgia’s Key Club (because she enjoys having no free time)
5. Recently became addicted to caffeine

Synonyms: ideal environmentalist, over-involved student, caffeinated vegan


Hey! As the text above me says, I'm Kevin. I am a current Senior and this is my second year on Lambert's iGEM team. I work mainly on the Wiki, and this team is like a second family to me. All of its members care for each other and wish to see one another succeed. iGEM has also given me countless opportunities in which I can immerse myself in genetic engineering. When you don’t see me buried in a pile of homework or in the lab, I can usually be found in the middle of an episode of The Office or hanging out with friends.

"The people that you work with are, when you get down to it, your very best friends" - Michael Scott

Did I mention I like The Office?


When you first see Sai, you probably will ask him either what middle school he goes to...or how tall he is because he looks very much like a kid. But when you actually meet him, you figure out that he’s even more childish than he looks! :) In case you haven't already been introduced to your supreme leader, Sai Mettupalli, this is his first year on the iGEM team as a sophomore. His joking manner and tenacious attitude makes situations light-hearted and cheers everyone up. But, he knows when to be serious and is often referred to as “The epitome of leadership”. He is passionate about 3D printing, debate, music, medicine, and with everything he does, he is successful because of his hard work. Outside of his love for change, you can probably find him playing a game of fortnite or watching a marvel movie for the fiftieth time. With this balance in his life, Sai hopes to become a doctor in the future, so he can forever change the lives of people around him.


If you’re fortunate enough to get the chance to meet Annie Pei, your first impression will mostly likely fall along the lines of how incredibly kind she is, and how extensive her knowledge of celebrity gossip is. Even so, only those lucky enough to become close to Annie know that she is one of the most fiercely loyal and dedicated friends anyone could ask for. Her vivacious personality and willingness to go out of her way for others make her an irreplaceable addition to our iGEM team. Not only does she sacrifice sleep for the outreach committee, she also dedicates her time to being a competitive dancer, an ambitious student, and a connoisseur of red bean popsicles.


Sri is the baby of our group (yet still somehow super mature). She is literally the definition of well-rounded. Class president, athletic, insanely smart, artistic, AND passionate. It’s like the gods just dumped all the positive attributes into the mixing pot! However, I strongly advise against getting in an argument with Sri because her debating skills are legendary. She could probably convince you that you are half unicorn. Sri’s addictions lay with anything organic and pocky sticks (even though they’re not organic). Being the super compassionate person she is, she hopes to dedicate her life by serving others as a healthcare professional.


As a first-year iGEM member, Courtney is a great addition to the team because she gels perfectly with any group. She is not afraid to face new challenges and difficulties head on and assume the position of leadership, which makes her crucial to the success of our team. Outside of her iGEM duties, she also participates in varsity cross country, where she tries to outrun all her responsibilities. There has also never been a greater lover of donuts. Seriously. If your donuts ever mysteriously go missing, Courtney is probably shoving them down her throat.


Hey, Vsauce! Victor here. And so is iGEM. But what is iGEM? Well, as we all know, iGEM stands for “ingenious glorious exceptional machines” - but where did this competition start? In 2003, iGEM was conceived at MIT. By 2005 iGEM had gone international, and now in 2018 iGEM is the single greatest organization every created in the history of our species. On a totally unrelated and abrupt note, I’d like to write briefly about myself. I’m a Brazilian-American (and I speak Portuguese fluently), my interests are varied and include bioengineering, machine learning, and enough other interests to fill up the rest of this page, and I consider myself to be absolutely hilarious - no exceptions.


Hi! My name is Michelle, and I’m so excited to be a part of iGEM this year! This is my first year on iGEM, and it has been such an amazing experience. I’ve always loved science, but seeing all these innovations in the making has deepened that bond even more. I love classical music, watching figure skating, bubble tea, and all things food! When I’m not in the lab, you can find me at the piano or in the dance studio. See you at the Jamboree!


If it involves coffee, campfires, tacos or dinosaurs, I'm in! A perfect day is one spent sharing my love for science with my freshmen who have affectionately been deemed my squirrels. Personal goals include turning all of my students into big ol' science nerds and continuing to travel. Free time is spent in the mountains hiking and backpacking with my sweet husband and two fur babies.


Lover of science, bread baking, knitting, gardening and home design. Passionate about Synthetic Biology and open source science through iGEM. Mother of three wonderful sons, wife of a patient and generous husband and second mother to a generation of talented, inquisitive, intelligent and constantly hungry students.