In this section we want to present what each member of the team has achieved and thank all other people that have helped us on our project. All work presented in the wiki was made by iGEM Montpellier 2018 students if no stated otherwise.

The team

Elsa Fristot

Worked on culture and transformation of Lactobacillus jensenii. She also worked on human practices and protocols bibliography. She worked on graphical designs and popularization.

Julien Mathieu

Did the modelling and bioinformatic part of the project for L. jensenii characterization. He also worked at the lab for the cloning and for testing his bioinformatic findings.

Léa Meneu

Worked on a lot of part designs. She was also responsible for the cloning and managed experimental procedures in the lab.

Léo Carrillo

Was the team manager for the project. He worked with the Sperm Motility Assay team, for the interlab study and worked on the culture and transformation of Bacillus subtilis.

Marie Peras

Was the leader of the Sperm Motility Assay team, she participated in experiments for the lab such as cloning and the interlab study. She also worked on the team wiki.

Maxime Heintzé

Was part of the wiki team, worked on the interlab study, he was also one of the responsible for the culture and transformation of L. jensenii.

Miguel Camacho

Helped us for the molecular cloning and for experimental protocols at the lab.

Tamara Yehouessi

Wrote the comic book, she spent a lot of time for communication and event organization. She also worked with L. jensenii for its characterization.

Younes Babaaziz

Wrote the tracking script for the sperm motility experiment. He worked with the Sperm Motility Assay team and analyzed the data.


Photos of our great advisors.

Jérôme Bonnet, Luca Ciandrini, Guillaume Cambray were the principal advisors for our project. There were daily support for the experiments and directions for the project and a help since the beginning of the brainstorms. Jérôme Bonnet and his team hosted our the team at their laboratory (CBS of Montpellier). They were also of financial support for the project.

Hung-Ju Chang was of general support for the project, he especially advised us for the design and experiments for the antibodies.

Sarah Guiziou was a support for the experiments and advised us for different aspects for the scientific part of the project. She also participated to iGEM some years ago and she gave us precious advices.

Ana Zuniga was of general support for the project, advised us for the lab and experimental protocols.

Peter Voyvodic helped us on many aspects especially for designs, the comic book, and for scientific writing.

Pauline Mayonove helped us on the organization at the lab, she made the orders, explained the working at the lab et helped us on many protocols.

Other researchers help

Dr Thomas Robert and Post-Doc Boubou Diagouraga helped us on the sperm motility assay project. Thomas Robert provided us with mice from his laboratory, the CBS of Montpellier. Both of them prepared the sperm samples for our experiments. They are working on chromosome structure and homologous recombination in meiosis.

Dr Viviana Claviera, Dr Manouk Abkarian, PhD student Loïc Dumas for providing us the microscope we used and for the support on the microscopy part of the project. They helped us figure out the best parameters and debugged some experimental protocols.

Dr Ting Lu and Dr Kong Wentao that share with us the pWK6 vector. Dr Ian Bothwell that share with us the pRSFDuet-1 NisA+NisB and pACYCDuet-1/NisC constructs.

Anna-Sophie Fiston-Lavier (University of Montpellier) for help with bioinformatics.


Gynecologists Doctors Elisabeth Paganelli, Claire-Noëlle Collardey, Olivier Cherici and Laurent Vandenbrouck advised us on different aspects of the project but mainly the direction and potential applications.


We would also like to thank all the artists that helped us on the project in different aspects. Garance “minskiga” Suminski for drawing the entire comic book. Sarah “00mars2028” and Mathieu “Machuytb” Peyre for the drawings and strips on our instagram and facebook pages. Nui, Mara, Kuro, Leokadie, Quentin Albouy and Antoine Boudet for participating at our artistic event with their artworks.


Editing the wiki was a pretty hard work, and we weren't professionals but thanks to Julien Lesinski who helped us for the wiki code, we managed to do the best that we could .

Timeline of the project