The iGEM Montpellier Team has fulfilled medal criteria enabling it to win the iGEM Gold Medal.


#1 We registered and attended the Giant Jamboree.

#2 We successfully delivered a wiki, a poster, presented our work at the Giant Jamboree and filled the Judging Form.

#3 We created a section Attributions on our wiki.

#4 We successfully completed the Interlab Measurement study and our data were validated by the Measurement Committee.


#1 We created and characterized parts for our project that worked as expected.

#2 We collaborated with iGEM Toulouse for the design of a project combining both our projects. We collaborated with iGEM Sorbonne Université to give a class and have practical work with highschool students.

#3 We investigated the impact of our work on the lab and considered the people opinion for our Human Practices work.


#1 We successfully took into account our Human Practices for the design of the project and for the future of the project.

#3 With bioinformatic tools we predicted the role of certain sequences useful for the toolbox of our project.

#4 We proved the efficiency of peptides for antisperm activity proving the relevance of using such peptides for our project.