Léa Meneu

Early bird and night owl at the same time, Léa is the one spending the most time working at the bench. She is responsible for the good atmosphere in the lab with her music and party stories. Also her knowledge of Synthetic Biology is very helpful for the team throughout the months.

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Elsa Fristot

Elsa is studying drug engineering at the Faculty of Pharmacy. This allows her to have a better vision of the future of our project. She worked with Tamara on the illustrations and she came up with the cool project title and logo.

Tamara Yehouessi

Tamara is a self-made artist studying Biotechnologies. She’s the one that had the original idea of the project. Together with Elsa she is responsible of a the graphic and communication of Vagineering. She did a huge job at designing sequences (#SUF) and still managed to create the comic book.

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Younes Babaaziz

This Moroccan Biophysics student is responsible for the Spermatozoa Tracking software. He spends his days in front of his computer. Rarely taking a break, Younes is able to eat his lunch in up to 5 minutes to go back to work.

Marie Peras

Marie is the head of the wiki team. She is as able to spend hours coding as to stay very late at the lab for experiments. She is also in charge of the Sperm Motility Assay experiments. Her knowledge and experience in Biology, Computer Science and Physics opened a lot of doors.

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Julien Mathieu

Julien is our IT guy doing the bioinformatic part of the project. Doing a Master Degree in Biophysics he is always enthusiastic for doing Molecular Biology in the lab which allowed him to get away from his computer for some times (even though he would quickly go back to it). He always has an anecdote to tell during lunch times.

Leo Carrillo

Léo is the best team manager we could have ever hoped for. (He forced me to write this, he is a tyrant, help us please ☹). Always there to remind us that it’s not time to go back home ... but we will follow like baby sheep our leader to the gold medal.

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Miguel Enrique Camacho Rufino

Miguel is from Peru. He never hesitates to tell us how much the things that we do here seem weird to him. He is the main reason lab working is fun for us. He always has a fun story to say and some of his sentences became very popular in the team. His knowledge of molecular biology helped us in many occasions.

Maxime Heintzé

Maxime is a curly-haired longboard-rider Biotechnology student. He’s very good at making very bad puns. He’s part of the wiki team with Marie and likes to spend his afternoons coding in a couch.

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Principal Instructors

Luca Ciandrini

Jérôme Bonnet

Guillaume Cambray


Hung Ju Chang

Ana Zuniga

Peter Voyvodic


Sarah Guiziou