Team:SDU-CHINA/Public Engagement

Public Engagement

#summer camp
    Apart from lab experiments and factory tour, we had a wonderful summer vacation by taking part in a summer camp together with OUC-China.
    Thanks for their invitation, we joined this summer camp devoting to teach high school graduates and first-year students in university some knowledge in life science as well as methods of reading papers and analysing biological questions, which would increase their interests in life and life science, we spent a pleasing and meaningful week together.
    During this summer camp, we have experienced many interesting activities like going for the sea, painting on the culture medium with E. coli and a small Jamboree. Two of our team members also gave two little lectures on metabolic engineering& fermentation engineering and insect taxonomy.
    Besides, as a new team, we were truly thankful for this opportunity to have a communication with OUC-China and we learnt a lot from them. We are looking forward to collaborate with them again!

#comic book about the production of bioplastic (PHB)
    PHB, a secondary metabolic product produced by a great quantity of bacteria, is regarded as an environmental-friendly material since it can be degraded through biological reactions, known as bioplastic. PHB is of great use in many fields and it might be the key to end white pollution.
    Public may have heard of the name “bioplastic”, but most of them do not know what the “bioplastic” is and how the “bioplastic” produces.
    Aiming at popularize the usage of bioplastic and the process of production of PHB using synthetic biology methods, we published a comic named “THE ADVANTURE OF GLYCEROL”.

#a small lecture about synthetic biology and iGEM
We were honoured to be invited by our Shandong University to give a small lecture about synthetic biology and iGEM competition. Our leader Jiao Jin gave an excellent lecture to the freshmen in our university to help them to have a primary recognition of synthetic biology and iGEM. She mentioned the researches of switches done that were very interesting and attractive to those freshmen. Besides, she introduced our project to them intending to give them a preview of scientific research, which would be their main life in the near future. At the end of the small lecture, several students showed their interests in iGEM, and asked several questions about it, and all these questions were answered patiently by Jiao Jin.