Team:Cardiff Wales/Composite Part

Composite Parts

In our experiments we are using GoldenGate cloning to create our composite parts, which are held within the GoldenBraid level 1 plasmid pGB-A2. Although this plasmid is included in the registry, composite parts made in this plasmid cannot be resubmitted to the registry as they do not conform to the pSB1C3 standard.

Therefore we have created many level 1 composite parts, which show expression in plants but are not able to be submitted to the registry and therefore do not have part pages. Nevertheless, these are listed on this page and we have linked any data obtained by use of individual level 0 parts to the relevant pages on the registry.

We did synthesise a 'composite' part as a gBlock, to test whether our mCherry worked in bacteria. This is the only composite part, made up of 4 different parts in the registry that is in the correct plasmid and that is submitted to the registry. All major results can be seen on our results page.

  • Constitutively expressed mCherry in bacteria (BBa_K2810011)
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-eGFP-NosT
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-eGFP-G7T
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-eGFP-35ST
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-GUS-NosT
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-GUS-G7T
  • 35S-OTMV enhancer-GUS-35ST
  • RTBV-OTMV enhancer-GUS-NosT
  • RTBV-OTMV enhancer-eGFP-NosT
  • 35S-mCherry-NosT
  • RTBV-mCherry-NosT
  • 35S-BCR3-WRKY intron-BCR3*-NosT
  • RTBV-BCR3-WRKY intron-BCR3*-NosT
  • Ribitol operon-OTMV enhancer-mCherry-NosT (collaboration with WashU)
  • Ribitol operon-OTMV enhancer-Gus-NosT (collaboration with WashU)