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Part Collection

Being a plant-based project, our team has created a range of PhytoBricks for use in plants. We have created several basic and composite parts.

These parts collectively add high level characterisation to existing PhytoBricks, and add new extremely useful PhytoBricks for future plant based researchers to use.

We are most satisfied with our two new reporter genes, GUS and mCherry, both of which are codon optimised for Nicotiana benthamiana, and show very strong expression with two of our promoters. We have also added a new plant promoter, RTBVp, showing it works with a moderate level of expression.

Finally, we have added useful data to several existing parts, including promoter and terminator sequences. This data can be seen on the results page. Below is our PhytoBrick part collection, organised into their respective categories.

Phytobricks we have generated

Regulatory sequences

Reporter Genes

Parts used in RNAi experiments

Existing Phytobricks that we have characterised

Regulatory sequences