Team:Cardiff Wales/Team


Ali Tariq

Ali is a 3rd year Mathematics student, and the primary mathematical modeller for the team. The only things more majestic than this pose is his ability to model, and his beard (obviously).

Emily Heath

Emily is a 4th year Biochemistry student, doing an integrated masters in cancer biology. She excels at stressing over the tiniest things, and getting stuck in trees. Subsequent to this photo, she has learnt to never ask for help getting out of them.

Evie McShane

Evie is a 4th year Chemistry student, starting an integrated masters degree studying the effects of metal compounds as anti-cancer therapeutics. She is the designated engineer that came up with the aphid-trap design.

Hannah Elliott

Hannah is a 4th year Biochemistry student who has just finished a placement year studying necroptosis in keratinocytes. She loves musicals far too much to be sane, and will always be seen with her headphones on (even though she will deny it).

Lily Thomas

Lily is a 2nd year Biochemistry student, who teaches dance to children in her free time. Though don't let this deceive you, she is very sassy and gets extremely angry when middle-aged women get in the back of her photos.

Ryan Coates

Ryan is a 4th year Genetics student, doing an integrated masters in plant genetic engineering. Most of the time, he will probably be monkeying around as shown.

Sophie Thomas

Sophie is a 4th year Biochemistry student who has just finished a placement year studying Alzheimer's disease in triple transgenic mouse models. She spends her free time struggling with (flags in the) wind.


Dr. Geraint Parry

Geraint is the primary PI for the team, responsible for securing funding, coordinating the team, and giving the final go ahead for protocols and procedures. He has been the primary PI for both the previous Cardiff iGEM teams.

Dr. Daniel Pass

Dan is a bioinformatician and the teams secondary PI. He investigates chromatin dynamics in plant models, and got his PhD in Host-Microbial communities. He attended most meetings and helped with the more technical dry lab stuff, such as the bioinformatic and hardware work.

Jamie Long

Jamie is an adviser for the team, who primarily helped with visualisation of fluorescent proteins. When considering whose expertise was best for a problem, we kept one thing in mind - if it glows, Jamie knows.

Jack Bate

Jack is another adviser for the team. He helped with several different protocols and WetLab work, suggesting ways to debug our GoldenGate reactions if they did not work. Between Jack and Jamie, they have a collection of glow worms to study bioluminescence, but Jack cares for them like they were his own children. Never get between a man and his glow worms.