Team:TU Darmstadt/Composite Part

Best Composite Part Special Prize

For this award we nominate our part BBa_K2770002. This part is our favorite, as we were able to show functionality of all relevant steps, and could characterize our part accordingly. Transcription and translation of its encoded gene ycdW was shown by western blot. We could purify His-tagged YcdW using an Äkta, could prove YcdWs function by an in vitro glycolate production assay and were able to show product yield using HPLC. For detailed information please visit the respective pages on our wiki and the registry.

Composite Parts

Listed in the following table are all composite parts that we produced this year and submitted to the registry. The part we nominated for best composite part is BBa_K2770002, it is marked with a star in the table.

part number part type produced enzyme production organism
✦ BBa_K2770002 Generator YcdW - E. coli glyoxylate reductase E. coli
    BBa_K2770003 Generator AceA - E. coli isocitrate lyase E. coli
    BBa_K2770006 Generator GLYR1 - A. thaliana glyoxylate reductase 1 S. cerevisiae
    BBa_K2770007 Generator ICL1 - S. cerevisiae isocitrate lyase 1 S. cerevisiae
    BBa_K2770010 Generator CHMO - A. calcoaceticus cyclohexanone monooxygenase E. coli
    BBa_K2770011 Generator ADH - L. kefiri alcohol dehydrogenase E. coli

Below we listed the basic parts we used for correct assembly of the above-mentioned composite parts. Therefore, none of these basic parts have been submitted to the registry by our team. Some of them have previously been designed by other iGEM teams, as indicated in the table . All sequences of parts from previous iGEM teams were taken form the part registry and our assembled composite parts have been synthesized by IDT.

part number part type short description source organism designed by
BBa_K2770000 cds ycdW - glyoxylate reductase E. coli TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770001 cds aceA - isocitrate lyase E. coli TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770004 cds GLYR1 - glyoxylate reductase A. thaliana TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770005 cds ICL1 - isocitrate lyase S. cerevisiae TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770008 cds chmo - cyclohexanone monooxygenase A. calcoaceticus TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770009 cds adh - alcohol dehydrogenase L. kefiri TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770012 protein domain GS-Linker GGSGG - TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770013 Affinity-Tag 10x His-Tag - TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770014 Linker SA Linker - TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770015 Affinity-Tag Strep-Tag II - TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_K2770016 DNA AAA sequence for correct assembly - TU_Darmstadt 2018
BBa_J70593 DNA Startcodon - Knight Lab 2010
BBa_K2389005 Restriction Site Kpn1 restriction site - UAlberta 2017
BBa_KM31383 Restriction Site Nco1 restriction site - Instructors MIT 2007
BBa_G0000 DNA SpeI/XbaI Scar - iGEM 2007
BBa_M36117 DNA Stop-Codon - Stanford 2012
BBa_K921000 Promotor T7/Lac Promotor T7 bacteriophage Carnegie_Mellon 2012
BBa_B0034 RBS RBS E. coli Antiquity 2003