Team:TU Darmstadt/Notebook


Our Notebok consists of two parts, one is our collection of methods that we used, which you can find as a pdf‑document here and the other part are the lab journals of our four groups which can be found below.

Lab Journals

To get to the lab journals of one of our four lab groups, just click on the respective link below.

Click here to see how the cool group "Colis" managed to produce glycolic acid in E. coli.

If you are curious what our awesome group "Yeasts" did to achieve their goal of glycolic acid production, click here.

When the utilisation of CHMO and ADH for the production of ε‑Caprolactone is what interests you, click here for the lab journal of the fantastic group "Capris".

Not interested in the biological lab procedures? Then click here to see how our fabulous group "Chems" was able to produce PLGA, PLGC and nanospheres out of the two co-polymers.