Team:Valencia UPV/Attributions

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Wet Lab

Carolina Ropero

Adrián Requena

Alberto Coronado

Marta Vázquez

Diego Orzáez

Jesús Picó

Nuria Andrés

Alejandro Vignoni

Yadira Boada

Laura Campos Beneyto

  • Design and domestication of DNA basic parts for the GB 3.0. grammar and transcriptional unit assemblies were accomplished by Carolina Ropero, Adrián Requena and Alberto Coronado (wet lab team).

  • PhD Marta Vázquez, Instructor and PhD Diego Orzáez, PI, from the IBMCP (UPV- CSIC), provided us the destination Level 1 vectors for the Golden Gate Cloning system and introduced us to the basic knowledge about the Golden Braid 3.0 grammar. They also provided economical support for lab reagents and consumables.

  • Prof. Jesús Picó, PI of this IGEM Team gave us general advices in all the aspects of the Project. He provided many of the resources we needed for the execution of the project and let us work in his lab during this summer.

  • PhD Nuria Andrés Colás, gave us advice on how to make competent bacteria and how to deal with them. She also gave us a great insight into how to deal with Biology with people without knowledge in this field.

  • PhD Alejandro Vignoni, Secondary PI and PhD Yadira Boada, Instructor, let us work in their laboratory space and taught us most of the techniques we have applied in the development of the biological part of Printeria.

  • Laura Campos Beneyto, from the Biotechnology-Biochemistry department (ETSIAMN-UPV), gave us technical support to continue the wet lab schedule when our thermocycler was broken.


Héctor Izquierdo

Blanca Madorrán

Manuel Portolés

Alberto Conejero

Juan Pasogias

UPV iGEM Team 2018

  • Héctor Izquierdo, Computer Science student from 2018 iGEM’s software team, helped developing the software functionalities, the communication between the software and the hardware and the user interface design.

  • Blanca Madorrán, Computer Science student from 2018 iGEM’s software team, helped developing the software functionalities and the user interface design.

  • Manuel Portolés, Computer Science graduate from 2016 iGEM’s software team mentored us throughout the whole process of developing Printeria’s software tool. He helped us with the specification of the requirements, testing and defining the architecture.

  • Alberto Conejero, helped us during the software specification process, analyzing different approaches and possibilities.

  • Juan Pasogias, Computer Science graduate from 2017 iGEM’s software team helped us with software evaluation and communication between software and hardware.

  • 2018 Valencia UPV iGEM Team, helped us to validate the software usability and suggested new useful functionalities to implement.


Tzvetelina Ilieva

Marc Martínez

Nobel Santos

Miguel Albero Gil

Ryan Fobel

  • Tzvetelina Ilieva, industrial engineering student, has designed all the 3D components used in the device, made all the blueprints required for its reproducibility and has created all renders using Autodesk Inventor.

  • Marc Martínez, Electronic engineering student, was in charge of all the electronic aspects of the device, such as the digital microfluidic system or the PCB design.

  • Nóbel Santos, Electronic engineering graduate from 2016 iGEM's hardware team, mentored and helped throughout the process of building the electronic parts of the device

  • Miguel Albero Gil, Electronic Services Responsable AI2. He helped us by producing our concept test PCBs.

  • Ryan Fobel, PhD, CEO of Sci-Bots. He helped us into the world of Digital Microfluidics and offered a lot of tutoring for us to get this technology right.


Carlos Andreu

Roger Monfort

Yadira Boada

Alejandro Vignoni

  • Carlos Andreu Vilaroig, Biomedical Engineering student from 2018 iGEM’s modeling team, designed mathematical models and laboratory experiments, characterizing Printeria parts and developing Simulation software tool.

  • Roger Monfort, acted as an assistant for Carlos Andreu Vilarroig helping him in the development of mathematical models and laboratory experiments.

  • PhD Yadira Boada and PhD Alejandro Vignoni, advised on the process of modeling design and multi-objective parameter optimization.

Graphic Design

Joan Casado

Alicia Blasco

Salva Antón

Irene Martínez

  • Joan Casado, Design and Creative Technologies student and member of our design team, worked on all the visual part of the project.

  • Alicia Blasco, from the Design and Creative Technologies, helped as a collaborator in our graphic design and creating content as part of our design team.

  • Salva Antón and Irene Martinez, Fine Arts graduates from 2017 iGEM’s design team and 2018 design advisors, mentored our design student during all the project.


Blanca Madorrán

Héctor Izquierdo

Joan Casado

Alicia Blasco

José Antonio Pérez

UPV iGEM’s 2018 Team

  • Blanca Madorrán, wiki responsable, organized and controlled all the content uploaded to our wiki.

  • Héctor Izquierdo, helped develop and design the wiki.

  • Joan Casado and Alicia Blasco, our design students, designed all the pages and graphics for the wiki.

  • José Antonio Pérez, Computer Science graduate from 2017 iGEM’s software team helped us with the wiki structure, implementation and design.

  • Valencia UPV iGEM’s 2018 Team, wrote the content for all the wiki pages


Roger Monfort

Yadira Boada

Lynne Yenush

  • Roger Monfort was in charge of the collaborations organization and communication with other iGEM teams.

  • Yadira Boada, researcher of the DISA (System engineering and automatic department), get in touch with Ecuador iGEM team and organized the collaboration.

  • PhD Lynne Yenush, provided us with the C41 strain for the collaboration with the Ecuador iGEM team.

Human Practices

Alberto Coronado

Marc Martínez

Joan Casado

Alicia Blasco

Roger Monfort

Carolina Ropero

Adrián Requena

Salomé Cuesta

Juan-Pascual Pastor

Oscar Vicente Meana

Juan Fuster

Francisco Mojica

María Peñil

Dr. Mehmet Berkmen

Israel Griol

José María Yturralde

Bárbaro Miyares

Raúl León

Social Engagement

  • Alberto Coronado, Marc Martínez, Joan Casado and Alicia Blasco were in charge of the Bio Art workshop and SynBio talk presentation.

  • Juan Fuster, director of the Mustang Art Gallery cultural space (MAG), provided us the logistical space to carry out a SynBio talk and BioArt workshop with high schools students.

  • Israel Griol, researcher of the ITACA in the UPV helped us to classifying our potential users trough MIT segmentation table..

Integrated Human

  • Carolina Ropero, Alberto Coronado, Marc Martínez and Roger Monfort organized the Integrated Human activities and feedback integration.

  • Prof. Salomé Cuesta, helped us with the art-science integration of the project.

  • José María Yturralde, gave us a great insight on how to introduce Printeria to the art market.

  • PhD Francisco Mojica, was interviewed as part of our Integrated Human.

  • María Peñil and Dr. Mehmet Berkmen provided us with feedback to improve the design and execution of Printeria as a tool for Bacterial Art.

  • Juan-Pascual Pastor Ferrando, researcher of the Projects and Manufacturing department, provide us with bibliography and tips about Kano model, which has been applied to our integrated human practices.

  • Bárbaro Miyares and Raúl León, professors of the Sculpture Department, helped us with the 3D modeling and 3D printing respectively.


  • Roger Monfort and Adrián Requena, were in charge of the safety form.

  • Oscar Vicente Meana, researcher at IBMCP (UPV), gave us tips about how to pass an ethics committee, what documents we had to fill and how we had to explain our lab safety.

Organization / communication

Héctor Izquierdo

Carlos Andreu

Roger Monfort

Tzvetelina Ilieva

Joan Casado

Alicia Blasco


  • Héctor Izquierdo, Carlos Andreu, Tzvetelina Ilieva and Roger Montfort, sponsoring responsables, contacted with different companies and potential sponsors.


  • Tzvetelina Ilieva managed and directed all matters related to economic movements and also controlled the budgets and invoices received.

Community Manager

  • Joan Casado and Alicia Blasco was in charge of managing our social media.


  • Roger Monfort, as the team leader, organized and coordinated all the team throughout the whole project.