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Science and technology have always been prompted by a desire of solving social issues. Thus, science would be nothing if it does not exist a relationship with people.

In this page we are going to show how we have faced integrated practices and we will give an answer these questions:

  • How your project affects the world and how the world affects it?

  • Is your work good enough for the world?

Integrated Human Practices

Feedback receiving: the key to the success

When creating a new scientific device, the existence of political, economic and social frameworks leads into the necessity of an in-depth analysis of how your creation would affect the world and how the world affects it.

As a result, our first step was to identify the real-life problems that could be solved with Printeria and so classify its application fields. To do so, we decided to employ a tip given by Israel (researcher at UPV) the MIT market segmentation table . This table allows you to classify all users you think your product could be interesting to buy on the basis of several questions. Using it we analyzed Printeria potential users in accordance with our project values.

You can read the resulting market segmentation analysis and how it helped us to focus our initial approach by clicking here:

As a result, Printeria main applications fields can be summarized as:


With a friendly-user software, Printeria is designed to be an educational tool
Research groups

Printeria automatizes protocols, and enhances the experiments reproducibility.

Printeria offers a compact and friendly toolkit for the bioartist entire disposal

Thus, our main concern was how to fulfill the different stakeholder demands. Following our interdisciplinary spirit, we searched for continuos input from professionals with different backgrounds and non professionals, so we could ensure we were designing a useful synbio device.

This year we have decided to divide Integrated human in three parts:

Kano model

An engineering way to integrate feedback.
Expert dialoge

How experts point of view changed the way we did Printeria.
Safety desing

How safety specifications changed Printeria


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