✔ Registration for Jamboree and Jamboree  attendance done

 ✔ Competition deliverables: Wiki, Poster,  Presentation, Judging Form

 ✔ Complete Attributions page

 ✔ Successfully complete the InterLab study and  document it on the Wiki


✔ Submit validated part to the iGEM registry (BBa_K2613743)

✔ Convince the judges you have thought carefully about whether your work is responsible through Human Practices

Collaborate with one (or more) other iGEM team(s)


✔ Demonstrate how you have integrated investigated Human Practices issues into the purpose, design and/or execution of your project

Model your project

Wet Lab

  • Designed five new BioBricks: three codon-optimised for expression of the agr quorum sensing system in E. coli and L. lactis; two to test new cross-chassis promoters.

  • Validated and submitted one new BioBrick to the registry.

  • Showed further characterisation of CP25 promoter from Jensen and Hammer, 1998

Dry Lab

  • Built two new models as part of the project from two stand-points:
    → Promoter optimisation tool: a valuable focused model for the iGEM community to optimise promoters when considering moving genetic parts across species
    Agr operon model: a broader range model to give insight into how diffusion of small signalling molecules could occur in medium with unusual physical properties (cheese)

  • Collaborated on promoter optimisation tool internationally to provide novel promoter sequences to other iGEM teams

Human Practices

  • Carried out in depth literature research into recent news articles about the impact of listeriosis

  • Talked with relevant international industry partners on the design of our project

  • Investigated how Britain leaving the EU would affect the feasibility of our project through literature research and discussions with the European Commission

  • Carried out public engagement events to promote synthetic biology as a tool to produce safer foodstuffs

  • Used feedback from all human practices activities to influence the design and execution of our project