Team construction and management
Yuhan Cheng ,Nianlong Li set up team 2018-NWU-CHINA with the help of advisors Jiawei Wu and the teammates of 2017-NWU-CHINA.They work as leader in our team and are responsible for the progress of our team.

Project design
Yijie Luo put forward the idea of the project, decided each step of experiment,and design the mutation of KcsA* and D-AlaRS.

Our PI Huaiyu Bu and Yanling Ma teached us the skill of experiment.Yueyi Li ,Jiahe Zhang ,Yuqi Liao ,Tong Kong ,NianLong Li ,Siqi Wang ,Rucong Liu ,Yijie Luo participated the bulid of plasmid, the protein extraction and so on.Yuqi Liao ,Zhuolin Liu ,Yijie Luo ,Tong Kong participated the test of bacteria.

Zhuolin Liu and Yijie Luo responsible for the modeling, especially Yijie Luo work on the simulation of protein.

Art design
Jiahe Zhang independently completed the design of our team's clothing, emblem, posters and other third-party products.
The pictures on the safety page were painted by Yuxin Zhang.

Human practice
Yikun Hou is responsible for our social work and human practice ,for instance questionnaire ,interview of professors and sharing us project to the high school students.

Yixing Li,Yikun Hou and Yijie Luo are responsible for writing our wiki page and content, and collaborating with Jiahe Zhang to design and typeset.

Weizhou Chen, Yijie Luo and Yikun Hou will give presentation in Jamboree 2018.

Special Thanks
We really appreciate leader of our college Jie Zhang and Fulin Chen supporting us take part in this competition. Our professors Yanling Ma , Huaiyu Bu , Lixin Shen ,Feng Guan , Hongmin Li,Lin Chen provided necessary hardware support and help of experiment.


Special thanks to the following institutions
The Department of Life Sciences and Medicine of Northwestern University, thanks to the leadership of the college leaders Jie Zhang and Fulin Chen for NWU-China.
Northwest University Office of International Affairs
Northwest University Student Office
Northwest University Academic Affairs Office
Northwest University Mathematical Modeling Association

Project support and advice
Our Pi Huaiyu Bu is an expert in microbiology. She has provided us with many constructive suggestions in the project design of molecular biology experiments.

Fundraising help
We sincerely thank the Office of International Affairs of Northwestern University and the Department of Life Sciences and Medicine of Northwestern University. They sponsored us so that we can participate in IGEM .

Laboratory support
Our project was mainly carried out in the molecular laboratory of Professor Hongmin Li. The laboratory has complete molecular biology laboratory instruments and experience so that we can conduct experiments smoothly. Later experiments were performed in our IGEM ad hoc laboratory, so we got a good molecular experimental facility guarantee. In addition, under such conditions, our safety is also guaranteed.

Instrument and material support
We are very grateful to Professor Yanling Ma for their support of our equipment for bacterial culture. Thanks to Professor Lixin Shen for lending us the use of the microplate reader, and thanking Professor Feng Guan for their support of our restriction endonuclease. Thanks to Teacher Lin Chen for providing us with multiple strains.

Technical Support
Many thanks to the senior post-graduates in the lab for providing the necessary technical guidance for our project.

Human practice support
We have received support and help from people from all walks of life. We showcased results at Middle School attached to Northwest University, and the Mathematical Modeling Association helped us build mathematical models. In addition, the Life Science Forum organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Life Science Alliance, consisting of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University, and Shaanxi Normal University, has also played a positive role in promoting the spread of synthetic biology.