Population expansion continues the daily population growth in the world is about 320 thousands .
Food shortage caused by population growth and the reduction of cultivated land are causing humanity to face a huge crisis.
The situation of water resources is not optimistic.We are faced with a lot of problems,such as Water shortage, water quality deterioration,Poor sanitation,Water quality is declining,Urban water shortage,Insufficient development of hydraulic resources.Mankind faces serious challenges.
Also saline-alkali land is a kind of salt accumulation, which means the salt content in soil affects the normal growth of crops. According to the incomplete statistics of UNESCO and FAO, the area of saline-alkali land in the world is 9543.8 million hectares, of which China is 99.13 million hectares.

So we create a kind of engineering bacteria to solve these problems .On the basis of The mechanism of compatibility substance equilibrium osmotic pressure and Absorption of Na+ and removal of K+ functional proteins ,our bacteria can relieve small areas of high salinity bacteria,so we can alleviate the deterioration of Saline-alkali land conditions and the water pollution situation effectively.