Our Team


Huaiyu Bu
Professor Huaiyu Bu,She works in the college of life and science, Northwest University. She is an expert in biosensors and a teacher in molecular biology at Northwestern University, and she has a certain involvement in synthetic biology.As the Primary PI of IGEM team NWU-China. Professor Bu trains our experimental skills and lead us to complete our project.
Yanling Ma
She is a tutor of our lab. Dr. Ma is proficient in oil degradation bacteria. Though Dr. Ma is strict, She is really responsible and encouraged us open our mind and face the bad experimental results. Besides, she helps us accomplished our design and our project.


Jiawei Wu
He is a doctorial student of our lab., who is proficient in molecular biology experiment. Besides, Mr. Wu is an administrator of our college as well. So he deals with our financial issues.


Yuhan Cheng
I am a 16th grade student at the College of Life Sciences at Northwestern University. Serving as the captain in the team. I am very grateful to this game for bringing us progress and our team members' efforts for the subject. I hope we can get good grades.
Tong Kong
I am a 16th grade student at the College of Life Sciences at Northwestern University. I have a very strong interest in IGEM and I am involved in daily experimentation and team building as one of the team members. Everyone on the team has put a lot of effort into this project, I hope we can achieve a proud result.
Zhuolin Liu
From Weihai,Shandong Province of China,a junior student of Northwestern University majoring in Biological Engineering.Modeling efforts is the task i am assigned for in the group.What I'm fond of is to dig into my work and play basketball.Moreover,to do something challenging is also appealing to me.
Jiahe Zhang
I'm a sophomore in the life science college of Northwestern University. In my free time, I'd like to read books,watch movies and painting. l believe that the harder you work,the luckier you will become.
Yixing Li
The programmer of the team.
Hobby:comic books,a batman fan
Hope our team will get a good grade.
Rucong Liu
A junior at igem who is mainly responsible for the experimental and HP parts of the team. She likes to create, she likes to use her brain, she has a strong desire for knowledge about all unknown things.
Siqi Wang
I'm a sophomore in the life science collage of Northwestern University.I like watching movies and going skateboarding.I am mainly responsible for the early experiment and the late literature work in the team.
Mingge Li
My name is Li Mingge ,now a sophomore in Northwest University. Majoring in life science,loveing music and sports. I am really excited to participate in this competition and I really hope our team will get good grades in 2018 IGEM competition!
Yuqi Liao
I’m studying in the Northwest University in Xi’an, majoring in Biotechnology. I like watching movies and reading books.And this year I focus on our experiments.
Yuxin Zhang
Hi, my name is Yuxin Zhang. I love to read books. But my favorite thing Is painting. I draw a lot of pictures in my life. I am glad to participate in team NWU-CHINA, and worked very hard to finish art works of our team.
Nianlong Li
Hello, my name is Nianlong Li, a junior in Northwest University China who major in Ecology.This year I was mainly responsible for the protein purification part of the experimental project.
Yikun Hou
The co-captain of the team.
A bored Otaku.
In our team, I response HP part and have made some translation and pictures for our wiki.
Yijie Luo
From Guangzhou Guangdou China,a sophomore of life sciences in NWU-China,the project designer and speaker,who does the protein simulation and modeling,very likes nature science and soccer.
Weizhou Chen
My name is Odd Chen, a CRAZY Dortmund fan, a really outgoing and talktive person, with a weird sense of humor.
Yueyi Li
My name is Yueyi Li, a student in the life science college of northwestern university. I like listening to music, watching movies ,enioying relaxing with a glass of Sparkling Water[ after a long day in the laboratory.