Our chassis
The chassis we used are E.coli DH5-alpha and E.coli BL 21 Rosetta. E.coli DH5-alpha is in the safest part in DSMZ and so do BL 21 Rosetta. They have no disease risk to human or environment. Competent DH5α cells are purchased from TransGen company. We ordered the part DNA from Genscript. As for BL 21 Rosetta, competent E.coli BL21 Rosetta cells are purchased from TransGen company. And we order the part DNA from Genscript, and we use E.coli BL21 Rosetta to express our ion channel. E.coli BL21 Rosetta strain is a derivative of E. coli BL21. And from our hyperlinks we can see that the risk group for E. coli BL21 is 1,so that it is in biosafety risk group 1.

Our parts are all taken from the RISK LEVEL 1 organisms. The RISK LEVEL 1 organisms are safe to healthy adults. The protein expressed by our parts is not toxic and do no harm to the organism.

Expected protection mechanism
In order to prevent the bacteria we use from escaping from our laboratory, we strictly followed the disinfection process before and after the experiment, and we sterilized any experimental tools and wastes that may have been contaminated with GM bacteria in our experiments.

Safety practice
Before our project start, we summarized common mistakes students usually made and trained new members in order to avoid these mistakes.
Our team's artists drew these comic pictures with reference to the operation specification in laboratory which who put forward ( They are used to alert members in our team and also teach the public about basic operation principle and safety in laboratory. And if it’s possible, these pictures can be provided to everyone to use as a sample of laboratory’s safety principle.
Here are the comic pictures.