Team:NWU-China/Human Practices

Human Practice

In 29th September 2018, our team visited the Middle School attached to Northwest University. Since the professor Edvard Moser who won Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine gave a speech to Northwest University in 26th, our team got connection with the Middle school attached to Northwest University.
The headmaster of the middle school invited our team to give students a presentation because their students have shown great interest in biology. So in 29th, we visited the middle school to give a lecture to Grade 8.
Our team members separated into 7 classes. All members use different ways to teach students basic biology and synthetic biology in a brief. We also introduced the information about iGEM and the project of our team. Some students were so active that they even said they want to attend the competition. After presentation, we had a finding differences game. During playing time, we taught students safety norms in laboratory.
At last, we handed out our self-made questionnaire to students. All students finished the survey.
In 6th October 2018, our team visited the Middle School attached to Northwest University again. The teachers in Senior Three invited our team to give a presentation to students to encourage them since they will attend the Collage Entrance Exam soon. During the presentation, some students were impressed by iGEM competition. They said they wanted to join the competition in collage. Some of them even wanted to be admitted to our NWU. About our project, some students who have their thoughts gave us suggestions to improve our project.

The cooperation with the Middle school attached to Northwest school has given us great help in our human practice. Before we leave, the teachers expressed their expectation to us that we can get good grades in the Jamboree 2018.