1.Register for iGEM, have a great iGEM season, and attend the Giant Jamboree. √
2.Complete the following Competition Deliverables from this page.

Wiki √ (
Poster √
Presentation √
Judging Form (

3.Complete Competition Deliverable Attributions. √ (
4.Successfully complete the InterLab Measurement Study. √ (


1.Register new RFC10compatible parts to the Registry with Clearly experimental characterization documented on the Part's Main Page on the Registry.(The official has accepted our DNA)√(
2.Significantly work with one (or more) currently registered 2018 iGEM team(s) in a meaningful way. √ (
3.Meaningful Human Practice. √ (


1.Change and optimize our project according to our hp. √ (
2.Create a new BioBrick Part (RFC10 compatible) that has a functional improvement upon an existing BioBrick Part.√(