The contribution of TEAM MEMBERS

We divided our team into two parts: wet group (related to experimental lab jobs) and Dry group(related to everything outside lab).

Wet group member:Yu Yangkun ;Yang Jianing ;Yu Yijie ;Yu Yangyang ;Shen Yibin ;Sun Zeyu

Wet group team leader:Yu Yangkun


Dry group members: Mei Yantao; He Xinyi; Pan Yangbo; Sun Zeyu; Xu Jie; Yu Yangyang; Shen Yibin; Shen Hongchen; Pan Hui; Yan Yihai; Cao Shuaijun; Yu Yijie

Dry group team leader:Mei Yantao

Human Practice(the Dry)




General Support

Dr. Dong Shan (Primary PI) and worldshaper Fellows Program;

Dr. Guo Ting (Secondary PI, wet group support) ,Ms. Wen Huifang (Advisor, dry group support) and Xiaoshan High School

Fundraising Support

Dr. Dong Shan, teachers from Xiaoshan High School as well as Worldshaper Fellows Program, families and friends of every team member. We raised fund through the “Qing Song Chou” online crowdfunding platform.

Lab Support

College of Life Science, Zhejiang University

Xiaoshan High School

Difficult technique support

Qiu Yue,Lei Zhaoying ,Dr. Huang Fangliang: Equipment and Technology Service Platform, College of Life Science, Zhejiang University

Project Support

Dr. Dong Shan

Prof. Zhu Xufen

Dr. Xu Cheng

Prof. Yan Qingfeng

Wiki Support

Mr.Wang Ming, senior website engineer, helped us to deal with the technic problems on website design

We referenced the wiki website of Worldshapr XSHS 2017

Human Practices support

Science and technology museum of Zhejiang province

AST space: Mr. Zhu bing

International department of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology: Mr. Zhu bing and Ms. Zhang Shidan

Hangzhou low-carbon Science and Technology Museum

Mr. Ji Jinghang (curator) and Ms. Chen Zhe

The Xiaoshan High School provided meeting room as well as biology lab for EB club and also allowed the team to have road show in school for our educational activities.

Modeling support

Huang nan, Dr. Zeng xianfu helped us to create math models

Dr. Zeng Xianfu, Wuhan University, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Huang Nan

Product design and prototype 3D printing support

Ms. Liu Yanna (Experimental Instructor) and He Menghan (Undergraduate student), Zhejiang

Sci-Tech University, School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation

Presentation support

Dr. Dong Shan

Theoretical and Experimental TRAINING support

Professors from College of Life Science, Zhejiang University

Experiments principal and operation training of molecular biology and genetic engineering

Prof. Zhao xiaoli, Mr. Jinwentao

Introduction of Bioinformatics, Literature search and reading, Dr. Xu Cheng

Introduction of molecular biology and genetic engineering Prof. Zhu xufen

Introduction of synthetic biology, Dr, Xu Cheng

Development status and prospect of biotechnology and bioengineering Prof. Zhang Ming, Prof. Yan Qingfeng


When did you start this course?

Worldshaper XSHS started this course in February,2018.

Are the syllabus and course materials freely available online?

Some of syllabus and course materials are free available online and some of them are not, which were provided by professors of Zhejiang University.

When did you start your brainstorming?


When did you start in the lab?


When did you start working on your project?


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    Adress: No.538,Gongxiu Road,Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,China