Worldshaper-XSHS's publicity

Worldshaper-XSHS introduce iGEM competition to all students and parents who are interested in biology by carrying out lots of activities that not only can ignite students’ enthusiasm on synthetic biology, but also gain parents’ support to our projects about iGEM. The publicity attracted many peers to join the Worldshaper-XSHS. With everyone's effort to set up the EB community, we have found an official club in the Xiaoshan High School. We firmly believe that Worldshaper-XSHS will attract more and more people who desire to devote into the program! The whole team will publicize the 2017 Worldshaper-XSHS research projects (the detection of oxygen and nitrogen and phosphorus content in sewage) so that more students will understand us and support us. At the same time, we also make various assumptions of our major subjects for 2018.

Advertising our project

In order to advertise the IGEM competition as well as promote the knowledge of synthetic biology, our team popularized the knowledge of second-hand smoke to all kinds of people. The problem of second-hand smoke would be solved by using technology about synthetic biology.

Ⅰ. WeChat——worldshaperXSHS

1.Our official account

As the second team participating in the IGEM competition of Xiaoshan High School, we continued to develop the current team, WorldshaperXSHS, rather than recreate it.

FIG.1 logo of iGEM team in Xiaoshan High School

FIG.2 public account WeChat

The content mainly introduced the team:the working progress of the wet team, dry team, and the publicity for human activities

FIG. 3 careful study of synthetic biology

FIG. 4 popular science knowledge among children

Ⅱ. Xiaoshan High School official website

The official website of Xiaoshan High School and the official account of WeChat have pushed our news to help expand the popularity of IGEM. The IGEM project also gave great support and affirmation.ies

FIG.5、FIG.6 Xiaoshan High School website

Ⅲ. Educational publicity of social practice

On May 19, we went to the Zhejiang Technology Market to participate Technology week in order to advertise the products of synthetic biology. On the one hand, we introduced iGEM and took the research result of last year's Worldshaper-XSHS, which includes synthetic biology. On the other hand, we proposed a project proposal and analyzed the harm of second-hand smoke to our healthy. To further develop our projects, we handed out more than 200 electronic questionnaires to Learn about public attitudes to secondhand smoke. Visitors were also willing to support our activities. The results showed that the majority of respondents were inevitably exposed to the second-hand smoke due to work or family environment. According to the field interview, we knew that most of people are only familiar with disadvantages of second-hand smoking, but they did not understand how it works and how to dispose it. We got very comprehensive feedback from the questionnaire, and our assumption also provided great help to the society. This is the first time that we made a public presentation in the society, which contained great educational value by helping the public to learn synthetic biology. At the same time, we also attained beneficial from it, determining our research topic.


During the summer vacation, we worked together with other IGEM teams.Held in the science and technology museum, the activity opened up to primary and secondary school students; The activity included fun games, prized competition, and so on. The targets were draw public attention to IGEM and synthetic biology as well as inspire students' interests to biological science.

Ⅰ.Low-carbon Science Museum

On August 5, we carried out the first popular science activity at the low-carbon science museum in Hangzhou, China.

Figure 7 the first education popular science activity

Figure 8 parents and children are full of praise for our popular science activities

Figure 9 the first presentation successfully concludes

Ⅱ.Science and Technology Museum in Zhejiang, China.

On August 19, we carried out the second popular science activity at the science and technology museum in Zhejiang, China. This education science popularization went well with prizes provided. Parents and children highly evaluated our activities. This education campaign brought happiness and knowledge to children. It brought the recognition of IGEM to parents; and taught people more knowledge about second-hand smoke; furthermore, it enhanced our confidence. I firmly believe that Xiao’s IGEM will bring us more knowledge and aids to the society.

Figure 10 second publicity activity

Figure 11 the second presentation is successfully concluded

The iGEM club in our school

EB Club in Xiaoshan High School, Zhejiang Province

Xiaoshan High School held a 80 anniversary celebration and invited outstanding alumni from all over the world in October 6. There were many exhibitions in the festival, but our advertisement was the most appealing one. Our team introduced many biological devices to alumni, and prepared many simple experiments like chlorophyll extraction, wall separation observation, cell mitosis observation, and so on. moreover, we've introduced IGEM competition to our alumni and showed our subject—using synthetic biology to detect nicotine. Everyone embraced with strong curiosity, consulting “what the various equipment is”, “what did we use, how to cultivate bacteria in the experiment”, and “how to build plasmid”. This presentation was held in the celebration of the festival, which was gained wide attention. Not only the alumni learned from our project, but also the students learned a lot about synthetic biology.

Social Support

EB Club in Xiaoshan High School, Zhejiang Province

Crowd funding

During the summer vacation, we launched an online crowdfunding project through the easy fundraising platform, which is mainly aimed at teachers, students, parents, friends, and social related people who support us. The crowdfunding project carried out in 2017 has been widely praised. We are grateful for their support and appreciation, but we still haven’t achieved our goal. Nonetheless, our team sticks to the spirit of preciseness as well as work meticulously.

With our in-depth study and the help of public, we succeeded in becoming a fund-raising target of 20,000 yuan. We are grateful to those who have recognized and supported our work, which bring great encouragement to us.

We have just completed the fundraising goal of 20,000 for the purchase of laboratory equipment that provided great convenience for our experiment

Figure 12 the online crowdfunding project.