Name: Mei Yantao

Introduction: Although he is fat, he likes sports. His hobbies are playing games, reading books, listening to songs, playing musical instruments, aerial photography, robots, etc. His favorite thing is doing homework.

Name: Yu Yangkun

Introduction: Yu Yangkun is a cheerful, humorous, and sincere person. He does not have bad habits and has a good health. He is good at drawing and calligraphy. He does things very meticulouslyly.

Name: He Xinyi

Introduction: She likes music, sports, and fond of attempting new things. She is more interested in novels and psychology books. She wants to be a unfettered person who can do what she wants. to do.

Name: Pan Hui

Introduction: She likes to participate in team activities and meet new friends. She is curious about psychology, willing to read some books about social sciences; she believe the importance of efficiency. "Either don't do it, or do it." She expects to do do anything with her heart.

Name: Yang Jianing

Introduction: He is a very active person in the team, but he will complete the task on time and on time. He is very good at science because he only loves science.

Name: Yu Yangyang

Introduction:Yu Yangyang loves animation, games, and natural science. He likes to explore the unknown world and hopes to become knowledgeable. His drawback is lack of self-control.


Introduction:His hobby is playing basketball and badminton. He likes physical chemistry. Although he is fat, he likes to jog. Movies and food are his favorite things. He likes to go to the bookstore with his friends.

Name: Pan Yangbo

Introduction:He is a boy who likes to try; He is a boy who can do everything. He is a procrastinator, but he can get things done in the end. He looked forward to this unusual experience, to this different growth, and to greeting this gold medal with his teammates.

Name: ShenHongcheng

Introduction:He is a lovely boy. He likes to go out to work because he will get plenty of exercise chances and happiness. He is fond of making friends, getting along with each others, from mutual ignorance to mutual familiarity.

Name: ShenYibin

Introduction:He is a super lively person, please do not be cheated by his introverted appearance. He does well in thinking. He can easily calm down and do experiments, trying to find out the deficiencies in the experiment and correcting them.

Name: Sun Zeyu

Introduction:She likes to paint, especially the landscape paintings in Chinese paintings. She always thinks that landscape paintings are only composed of dotted lines, but there is an indescribable momentum and charm in the mountains and rivers. It is as simple as she is pursuing.

Name: XuJie

Introduction:He looks active and helpful. He loves piano, basketball, travel... He is also addictive to explore something unknown. Especially in domain of natural sciences, he firmly believes that the secret to achieve is perseverance.

Name:Yu Yijie

Introduction: She is a cute little girl. She feels optimistic about life. There are three things she likes the most: sleeping; smiling, and relaxing

Name:Yan Yihai

Introduction: He feels enthusiasm on science. Because his parents engaged in scientific research, he has opportunities to watch some advanced experimental equipments earlier. Such experiences spurred his interest in scientific research.


Dr. Dong Shan

Duties:Primary PI

Dr. Dong Shan is very enthusiastic in guiding every thing of iGEM. His instructive advice is very helpful to us.

Guo Ting

Duties:Secondary PI

a very lovely and responsible teacher with the highest degree in the biological group, she is friendly and gets well along with team members. She also gaves the players a lot of constructive suggestions and guidance. Believe under the leading of Ms.Guo, teams will get prominent grades.

Professor Zhu Xufen

college of life sciences,Zhejiang University. She mainly works in the field of molecular biology and microbiology.

Professor Xu Cheng

College of Life Sciences,Zhejiang University

You might think he looks rigid when you first met him, but later you’ll find he is affine. He promotes team members'unity with bioinformatics.

Weng Huifang

A very friendly teacher. Participate in practical activities with students, her main task is to guide students to complete their tasks and Instruct them to hold various activities.

Jin Wentao

College of Life Sciences,Zhejiang University

He is a rigorous guy who is very professional in doing experiments.

Huang Nan

Duties: Advisor

Lei Zhaoying

Duties: Advisor

College of life sciences,ZhejiangUniversity.

Qiu Yue

Duties: Advisor

College of life sciences,ZhejiangUniversity.

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