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Our team

Worldshaper XSHS, the name of the IGEM team in the Xiaoshan High School, also called the " The New World's Shaper ", because it expresses the new generation of young people's ambitious expectations for dreams and development of future technology. Our team consists of 14 members and is guided by a group of teachers and doctors. Last year, the bio-detection device for water oxygen content in our school's IGEM team won the first gold medal in iGEM competition. This year, we will try our best to strive for further success!

Our School

We are from Xiaoshan High School, a school founded in 1938 with a long history in Hangzhou, China. The school adheres to the motto: "seek the truth, seek the innovation, seek the beauty and seeking reality". This school have trained large quantities of outstanding talents over the years. This is our school:


Logo: We have designed our own team logo and flag. This is our logo:

Logo meaning:

The background of the badge is an iceberg which symbolizes our understanding of biology is just the tip of the iceberg. Scepter is in front of the background, which indicates we have the power to change life. However, the power is restricted by the nature, so the scepter is also twined with the DNA.

Whenever we go out to participate in activities, we all wear our uniform. We all love our uniform:

In addition, the money used to purchase the uniforms and the flag is accumulated from fund-raising. We are grateful to those who support us

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