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This is the list of our biobricks:

 Part Collection-nicotine detector

The part BBa_K2827004, BBa_K2827005 and BBa_K2827006 make up a part collection. The expression of nicA protein may be regulated by the nic A2 promoter.The part BBa_K2827004 is a basic part of nic A2 promoter. Gene nicA is a putitave nicotine dagrading enzyme, which may degrade nicotine to SP. In part BBa_K2827005 we added a GFP reporter to the nic A2 promoter, which made it a nicotine detector. In order to amplify the fluorescence signal, besides the nic A2 promoter and the GFP reporter, we designed a T7 RNA polymerase and a T7 promoter in the part BBa_K2827006. The part BBa_K2827006 could be more sensitive than part BBa_K2827005 in nicotine detecting.

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