Future Plans

After the competiton, our plan will continue:

1. We will improve our products.

We will continue to study how to degrade nicotine, so that both detection and degradation can be achieved at the same time, which make more contributions to people's lives. In terms of solid models, we will improve our devices to make them more convenient and accurate. If we have a chance, we will still apply our product model to some real occasions for testing its practical.

2. We will expand the biological club

We will expand the scale of the biological club to let more students learn about synthetic biology and iGEM. We will also offer elective courses related to iGEM so that interested students have opportunity to learn more knowledge about synthetic biology in advance.

3. We will hold more events

We will hold more activities to promote iGEM competition and synthetic biology knowledge; we will try to organize a series of popular science projects in educational places such as schools and kindergartens, so more people will know about synthetic biology; we will attend more collaborative events to help other schools students. In addition, we will also work more closely with other iGEM teams to enhance the friendship between the team and the team.

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