Training for safety

As high school students, we did not have access to this level of biological experiments or biological laboratories before participating in the iGEM competition, so we had to get more systematic and professional laboratory teaching and training before conducting the research, and these courses were taught by professional teachers. After several training and pre-experimental safety guidance, the players were more skilled to master the laboratory of various types of instruments of experimental methods and safety precautions. After that, we carried out research on the subject, Therefore, there was better activity guarantee for the safety of the entire study.

Safety Standars

1.Experimental work safety

Minimizing potential threat to laboratory workers and the environment.

Bring no diseases to healthy people.

Do not pollute the environment.

Harmless to the experiment itself.

2.Lab safety

Labs are not isolated from the general buildings or traffic plots, which do not harm to surrounding.

Using biosafety cabinets and laminar flow cabinets to keep the experiment safe.

3.Rules safety

Professional supervision throughout the experiment,everyone must be familiar with the laboratory's operating specifications and safety rules.

Our experimental operators are forbidden to drink water, eat or other activities which probably cause experiment negligence in the laboratory.

All the experimental drugs and reagents should be replaced after experiment to avoid making mistakes. Experiment personnel washing their hands with liquid soap at living area pool and does not touch any instruments and agents anymore.

4.Facilities safety

In routine non-hazardous reagents, we wear latex gloves and white coats to keep the body and reagents isolated. The test bench has a special waste liquid tank which is different from the ordinary garbage can. The reagents and medicines used have their own weighing containers and placement places. The dangerous toxic drugs have special operation areas, and direct or indirect contact shall be avoided for both internal and external items. The laboratory is equipped with a complete fire extinguishing and eyewash device. All operations related to gel-electrophoresis are performed in a dedicated area,and experimenters should wear latex gloves provided with disposable plastic gloves and masks Specialized instruments, reagents and containers used in this area are not allowed to been taken out of the area.

5. Environment-protection

The microorganism we used in the experiment (colon bacillus DH5alpha) hardly does harm to healthy individuals, and it is heterotrophic, so it will die soon without deliberately cultivating. All reagents used or not used in the operation area will not cause environmental pollution; waste generated by the laboratory will be treated in a unified and professional procedure.

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